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    Thanks for the super quick response. I will report similar problems here in the future.

    This was reported earlier (as an aside) but never noticed in this thread:
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    Please fix the examples.

    Click on source in the upper right corner and scroll down.

  3. Thank you for this resource. I'll attempt to find time to provide PRs when I spend my time on a fix.
  4. What is the policy on GPL updates?

    Does the GPL ever get bug fixes? Updates?

    Is latest v6.xx GPL updated when v7.xx is released?

    Or maybe v6.00,xx GPL lastest released when v6.01.xx is...
  5. I want Architect working for ExtJS 6 ASAP!

    My 30 day trial of the JetBrains plugin expired while I was working on another non-Sencha project and my Sencha Complete activation code does not work! ...
  6. After spending a lot of time.... here is the work-around. You must override the "show" function of the sheet.

    It appears that the "show" function defined in Ext.Component (Modern), and shown...
  7. Any work around?

    Or idea when this will be fixed?

    It unusable in my situation as it currently works!
  8. I'm trying to use Ext.Sheet and it always shows as modal even with

    config: {
    modal: false

    Here is an example in a fiddle:
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    Scrolling is still broken and makes viewing the source impossible.

    Can this be fixed?
  10. Thanks! I'll just give that a try and see if it causes problems moving the project from computer to computer.
  11. That was confusing! From reading the comments under that article, it seems like JetBrains does not have it under control yet.

    I have noticed that other .gitignore files on the web just ignore...
  12. Any update?
  13. I would have thought it would be in the package repository.

    There it could be updated quickly, easily and regularly and then made available for updating in projects without updating the SDK.
  14. Any idea on timing?

    Should be an easy update. Download latest version. Build package.
  15. What about the directory .idea? What is this? Should this be in .gitignore?
  16. That makes sense.

    I would think though that it would be more helpful for the Universal application to have a dropdown for each of the toolkits allowing you to set the proper one upon creation.
  17. I just created a new Ext JS App and only see two theme options: triton & neptune.

    Where are the others? Missing in ExtJS 6?
  18. What should I put into .gitignore when using the JetBrains plugin?
  19. I'd rather code in Architect. Even though the design view crashes when I add a custom component (via "createAlias") from one of my packages. :)

    Thanks Peter & Chris for your help and...
  20. No, I was not doing that. I missed that instruction. I just expected it to pop up. Is that keystoke defined by the plugin or by the IDE. Which set of instructions would teach me that? Can you point...
  21. Thanks.

    And please keep in mind not everyone is on a Mac. Or Windows. I develop on Ubuntu. :)
  22. I'm just trying the JetBrains plugin. So far, I prefer Architect!

    When creating a new Class, is there code completion for properties?

    For example I start to type "xtype" and after "x" the...
  23. After reading the guides and trying for hours to find "Preferences" in the IDE menus I finally figure out that it is under "File/Settings"!!!!!! The word "Preferences" is nowhere to be seen!
  24. Architect was a big learning curve! And now I need Extjs 6 and ... NO Architect!

    I'm fast with Architect, but now I'm back to FIGHTING something new and having NO productivity!
  25. Me too!

    I'm also still waiting impatiently for Architect for ExtJS 6! Architect is not perfect but I can put together applications quickly with it.

    The visual part crashes once I add a...
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