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  1. thank you @fschaeffer,

    setRawValue worked very well.

    But it is extra code to implement this common requirement.. I think this must be functionality of combo component. An additional config...
  2. the combo retrieves 5000 rows. so i don't want to load these rows in form load... what i wanted to make is displaying combo value and text without loading combo store...
  3. I can post the value of remote combobox with hiddenName. I couldn't accomplish showing the text of combobox after form load. This is a remote combo. So the store is not loaded after form load. So the...
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    -some useful plugins should be as a built in feature.
    -more sort of themes. i do not mean in different color, i mean more user-friendly and accessible.. larger fonts, larger row height, larger title...
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    I use extjs since release 3.0. I appreciate its developers for this valueable product. I want to share two problematic issues about it.

    first; extensions are difficult to manage. documentation...
  6. I have the same problem as in

    The problem is specific to internet explorer. Is...
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    why is the ArrayGrid looks not striped? Css is applied but can't see striped...
  8. why is the ArrayGrid looks not striped? Css is applied but can't see striped...
  9. i have the same problem in 3.2.

    Is there a solution?
  10. Condor,

    very thanx for your reply. my problem is as you said to define the store as a global variable and with autoDestroy:false

    so, i have created the store using factory pattern with...
  11. I have a window. you can see it in the link below. after close and open it, it doesn't reset the grid and its data. when close method of window is called, doesn't it destory all its descendant...
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    Thanks Condor,

    the answer was in your previous replies :)

    The code like...
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    i haven't any idea how to do it, could you post an example?
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    i have a window consists of a form and editorgridpanel. after save button clicked, both of them are saved, form and the editorgridpanel. editorgridpanel has multiple rows and ajax request is called...
  15. sorry i have just seen my mistake... it resolved.
  16. hi,

    my tabpanel includes a grid inside it. there are two borders at top.

    how can i remove one of these borders?

    i can do it using the style below, but this affects all tabpanels.. for...
  17. @Animal,

    on ff no error. everything is fine. these errors came up on ie. but not always. i can't make it produce again.
  18. below is the mesages from ie8. does it give an idea?

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0;...
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    autoexpand column does not resize when a hidden column made visible. this needs to be fixed.
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    this could be great! formpanel inside a gridpanel row can be very useful.
  21. @Animal,
    thanx for your contributions.

    please, i want to learn, how can i do that easily? if i cannot, i should know.
  22. @Animal,

    it requires an extension. a better solution could be.
  23. @rojar,

    did you find a solution. i have the same problem.
  24. i came up the same problem again. it is not often as before. i am trying to debug but can't make occur the error twice. so any ideas?
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    I saw the code sample in the tutorial above. just want to learn anything is wrong?
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