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    I had the same problems wit the outdated ext core. i don't know if i did it right but i compiled with the JSBuilder from sencha a new ext core out of ExtJS 3.4 which is IE9 compatible it could be...
  2. +1 Thx a lot for this fix, works perfect!
  3. Argh, didn't see the same error as before, since no tab was activated by default.

    Now darthwes, take your code version and start it, do following:

    1. Press Add Tab
    2. Activate one of the...
  4. yes... perfect! thank you very much.

    To point out the difference from your solution to mine:

    You add every new panel one by one in the "wrong direction" to the TabPanel, than delete all panels,...
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    I haven't read everything, but on the population or reseting the form in the right time i would recommend to do the reset or populat actions in the 'show' event from the form, there it is for sure...
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    for big application that work like a CMS i would recommend qWikiOffice.

    take a look:

    it takes some time to adopt to the guidlines but it is worth it and it has build...
  7. your respond should be on an empty return not unsuccessfully

    please post an succesfully respond with data, than i can show you how an empty one should look.

    but a wild guess would be
  8. my suggestion would be to add two fields one textedit and one for password. initaly hide the password field by config, on the checkbox event i would switch visibility and copy the value field.
  9. hi darthwes,

    your version is working and all tabs get shown like expected. but one crucial point is missing - sorting. in my example i left that part out to minimize the code. but lets say every...
  10. hi seana,

    that i am getting 6 tabs is by design. that is so to demonstrate the dynamic insertion of additional tabs. and there is the problem. the direct problem is that after adding the second...
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    please show some more code, but if


    works, a call to


    before it should do no harm, or result in an error.
  12. yes it is, use something like this:

    xtype: 'radiogroup',
    fieldLabel: 'Single Column',
    itemCls: 'x-check-group-alt',
    columns: 1,
    items: [
  13. please post your combobox config,

    my first impression is, that you haven't set the valueField

    valueField: 'id',
    displayField: 'name',
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    if an empty result means no records to show, you can do different things

    call removeAll before reload

  15. Use Ext.Direct, it bundels all seperate server Ajax calls into one call, extremly effective, i wouldn't know what to do wihout it.
  16. Take a look at the examples from Ext Core, there is a carousel demo which can be used in ExtJS too, since all Ext Core features are also available in ExtJS (as far as i know :)

    here is the example...
  17. Hi,

    right now i am working very hard to get this running, but no luck so far, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

    I am adding dynamically created Panels to a TabPanel, since I...
  18. solved my self, i was a bit to hasty with the bug report.

    form.getFieldValues() is returning the valueFields as wanted.

  19. I think this is a Bug if i am not doing something wrong.

    Here is my simplified code

    var myData = new{
    reader: new
  20. please add in next release,

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    for 3.x users i would suggest to add/change following code lines inside each plugin to get it work also with the new feature: where out of screen/panel buttons will be put into a menu

    here a code...
  22. i think my solution is quite clumsy but it works for me

    blur:function(inp) {
    var el=inp.getEl();
  23. Wow... works like a charm, thank you very much - that was fast.
  24. hi guys,

    until now i had many problems which i could solve by searching the forums. but this time no luck. i think it should be easy, but i cant see it. so here is my problem:

    i am creating...
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