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  1. I found the way around:

    function WrapText(value, metaData, rec)
    return '<div style="white-space:normal">' + value + '</div>';

    But still I don't understand why shrinkWrap does not...
  2. There are couple solutions:

    1. The store has config option "storeId". Use Ext.getStore(storeId value). See documentation.
    2. Declare module level variable, load and assign store to it and use...
  3. I need the text, if it is too long, to be wrapped in the grid column. I can do that using renderer property with the code below

    {..., renderer:WrapText}
    function WrapText(value)
  4. Thank you, I'll work on it.
  5. I created Ext.panel.Panel and wanted to include two items: Ext.tree.Panel and Ext.grid.Panel. Message: IE stoped to work!
    If I include two Ext.grid.Panels then all works. Code is below. Can anyone...
  6. I aws able to solve this isuue, I doubt it's nice, but it works.
    First, I assigned an id for each combo I've created in the template:

    var comboTPL = new Ext.XTemplate('<tpl for=".">',
  7. I have a ComboBox with multiSelect set to true. I want to have the checkboxes along with each item in the combo box. I set a template for that, as shown in the code. But if you select an item outside...
  8. Problem: I want to add the fields to the FieldSet control dynamically. On the first level of inclusion the functionality works without any problem. On the second level of inclusion it give me an...
  9. Thank you, it works!
  10. Replies
    I use the principal option: do it simple and you will live longer.
    Use the params property of the Ajax object. Loop through the records and build your obParam. Example:

    var obParam = {};...
  11. I need to enable/disable editor only of the specific row based on the combo selection of this row, ComboBox itself defined as an editor in the ColumnModel.
    All events of the RowModel work only if I...
  12. Replies
    Documentation is poor. Even in 3.3 I couldn't find all properties of the number of objects. In 4.0 beta I looked in the object "Panel" and could not find a property "Title". I suspect that this is...
  13. New information. It works in Safari 3.0, it does not work in Safari 5.0.3 (latest). Is it a problem of the charst, or Safari? Somehow charts are not adjusted to the latest version of Safari.
  14. Thank you for the suggestion. The same effect. Nothing in Safari, displayed in IE.
  15. The following code works perfectly in IE. It displays blank panel in Safari (version 5.0.3). Thank you for any help and suggestions.

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0...
  16. Is there a way to display a GroupingView with the math calculations (e.g., avg, max, min and so on) on each column and dispaying the results on the line with group name (where usually number of items...
  17. Forget about the question. It was my problem. if you could, delete the whole thread, please.
  18. Yes, autoLoad was set to true. I tried reload() without any parameters, the same effect.
  19. I use the folowing code

    var daysBack = new Ext.form.NumberField({name:'daysBack',id:'daysBack', ...});
    var storeJobs = new{..., baseParams:{daysBack:daysBack.getValue()}});...
  20. I hit the same issue. I saw the solution of the problem. But the behaviour of the control is not an OOP aproach. The control as a whole has properties and method. If property exists it should affect...
  21. Thank you.
  22. If I open new window with the property modal:true, it is not a real modal window, it does not suspend the further code execution until the window closed, just does not provide the access to the main...
  23. Solved by myself.
    I created a HTML form and a hidden <input> control in it.
    I used
    document.frmHidden.formValues.value = Ext.encode(myFrm.getForm().getValues());

    on the return on the first...
  24. I have a form (FormPanel) where I enter a number of values. There is a "Next" button on the form which navigates me to another page. If I click the browser's back button all entered values are lost....
  25. Patric,
    Thanks a lot. I did what you've told, but without doLayout(). Now it works perfectly. Again, thank you.
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