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  1. Yes, it's added when I add the app as per your suggestion. I also found that you can add the SDK path to the generate workspace command which will copy in the /ext folder and it's contents
  2. Hi,
    I am setting up a new environment.
    I have ExtJs 6.0.1 and CMD 6.0.1
    I have run the Windows CMD installer and everything looks good.
    I ran the "sencha generate workspace /MyWorkspace" and it...
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    Excellent. Is there a release date for the next version of Sencha Touch? I haven't seen one in months.
  4. Hi,
    I'm struggling trying to figure out how to configure the output configuration object in app.json.

    Is there a doc somewhere that explains what all the supported config parameters are and what...
  5. Hi,
    I am trying to change some CSS properties of a single toolbar control instance in my extjs5 application.
    I generated my own custom theme.

    I created a file in...
  6. Hi,
    I'm am looking for documentation and examples on how to style my ExtJs application.
    I have already generated a custom theme as per the...
  7. I just installed the latest version of Sencha CMD, and I am working with an existing Sencha Touch 2.3.1 app. I was previously on version of Sencha CMD.

    I get the below error when I run...
  8. Hi,
    In this example the click event is fired by the DOM 'el' element. It has no ItemId so I can't handle it's events from the controller class via control(...).
    The suggestion is to bind a listener...
  9. Hi,I'm using Extjs 4.2.2 and this is still not working. We need a solution/workaround to this issue.Thanks
  10. Hi,
    I should have been more specific. Can I build to another folder outside the /app/ path? For example, an absolute path "c:\somefolder"

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    I tried to set the build path to "c:\MyApp" without any success. Is this even possible?

  12. Hi, I too am looking at building into another location than app/build/...
    Is this a supported capability of Sencha command?
  13. Hi,
    We're evaluating ExtJs for a large new project/product. CMD is no longer predominantly listed as a component of ExtJs as it is for Sencha Touch.

    What's the roadmap for CMD for ExtJs and is...
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    There's no Generate Store in CMD 4 either?
    If I add it manually to my project do I have to update the codegen.json file myself?
  15. Hi,
    I need to display a floating container with some ctrls on it over top of my Viewport. I have been able to display the floating container but how to I hide it if the user clicks outside of the...
  16. Hi,
    Although I agree guidance regarding DB's assigning ID's and I think the 'phantom' record functionality for new records is great the issue I have is that in my situation I NEED TO CREATE THE ID's...
  17. All it says is that selector is a string???

    selector : String (optional)A simple selector to filter the target or look for an ancestor of the target

    No info regarding format, links to resources...
  18. Hi,
    I've created a panel contained in the 'east' zone of a border layout viewport which contains vertically stacked input fields with the bottom field being a textareafield.
    What I want, is the...
  19. Hi, I have a radiogroup on a simple formpanel (I extended th formpanel class) which renders fine when the formpanel is rendered on my viewport but does not appear when I render it on a Ext Window.
  20. Hi,
    I want to dynamically add/remove listeners to my JsonStore so I can handle change events from multiple instances of my EditForm class.

    I know I can add multiple listeners for the same...
  21. Hi we have a grid and detail form on the same panel and we're seeing the same behavior.
    Has this problem been resolved?

  22. Hi,
    I am going to start by saying that I am impressed with ExtJS so far.

    That said the documentation around Datastores, dataproxies and datareaders is terribly lacking.
    What's the difference...
  23. Hi, I have a simple dataview bound to a jsonstore. When I load the jsonstore the dataview does not refresh. If the call the .refresh(); method on the dataview in the load: event of the jsonstore the...
  24. Hi, Has anyone solved the problem of binding a JSONSTore to a Microsoft WCF (3.0) REST endpoint?
    I've got everything working except the date fields are NULL because of the issue of WCF sending...
  25. Hi, I have combobox control wired to a json datastore. It loads and displays multiple records. When I select an item in the drop down the select listener fires my custom JS function and I can see the...
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