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  1. I found its a bug of Sencha Cmd, you can fixed it like this:

    1. Open file ".sencha/app/phonegap-impl.xml";

    Change code of line 156-158


    <x-shell reloadprofile="true"...
  2. I run the fiddle under Firefox 33.1 and 33.1.1, with framework "Ext JS Gray", "Ext JS Gray" or "Ext JS Gray", the issue is still there.

    I run the test under Chrome...
  3. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    33.0.1750.29 beta-m

    DOCTYPE tested against:

  4. You do not need to override TreePanel.setRootNode method, if you want root node invisible, you can add attr "uiProvider: Ext.tree.RootTreeNodeUI" to your root node cfg, then your rootVisible cfg will...
  5. Use the following code to override "", I don't want to modify ext-base.js directly.

    Ext.origId =;
    Ext.apply(Ext, {
    id: function(el, prefix) {
    el = Ext.getDom(el,...
  6. I met the same issue, after some source reading, I get another easy method to resolve the issue.
    The short answer is "Change your id before TreeStore get it", just as mitchellsimoens said.

  7. Ext.ux.grid.MultiMeasuresPivotGrid is an extension to provide "multi-measures" support for standard PivotGrid.

    You can configure multi-measures to generate pivot table, just like the following...
  8. If I don't put the tabpanel into a window, the "strip region" will show on page top right.
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    TreeComboSuperBox is a ComboBox like component which displays select list as a tree and selected items as labelled boxes within the form field.

    This extension is written by me(
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  11. Hello,
    I'm new to Ext, if my question has asked by somebody already,please figure me out:) . Now I want to integrate Ext into Plone(an opensource CMS).What I want is render something in a page...
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