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  1. I am also facing the same problem. My application working fine in android 2.3 but in 4.1 it's showing blank white screen. Any idea why this is happening?How to solve this?
  2. My ST2 application is working fine in android 2.3 but it showing white blank screen in android 4.1 both in emulator and device.I have written a single page application and tested in both version, it...
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    Have you managed to get rid of that? I am also facing the same problem. Not getting a way to solve this.:s:s:s
  4. I am new to sencha. Almost spent 2 day to understand sencha routing/history support to implement android back button. but ended up with blank screen always although navigation is working. Please help...
  5. I have written few custom Phonegap plugins for my last Jquery/Phonegap/Android application. I want to reuse those plugins js in Sencha/Phonegap/Android application.I am newbie in Sencha so not...
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