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  1. Awesome! will check it out immediately
  2. ya, My computer is kinda slow.
    But it is surprising that Safari's animation is far better than Chrome, on the same machine.
  3. Hi guys,
    ST2 animation on IPad is smooth and nice. But the same animation seems really slow and laggy on my mac computer which has much better processor and GPU.
    Any idea why?
  4. Hi Jamie,
    I don't think this problem is fixed in the new release
    Just look at

    Look at the destroy method...
  5. Hi Jamie, I solved it !!
    I removed <!DOCTYPE html> at the tope of the index.html page some time ago by accident.
    Nothing went wrong previously.
    This problem only shows up when I upgraded to XCode...
  6. What do you mean "stack examples"? But i ll try it with Sencha examples to see if such things happen.
  7. I am using ST2.0.0 FINAL with PhoneGap 1.2
    I could only see this problem when using phonegap. Meaning the app works fine in mobile Safari.
    Please take a look at the following images. They are...
  8. I have made an iCal style datepicker for sencha touch 2 based on another one made by megous which works with st 1.x

    Hope it will be useful to some of you :)

    Here is the link
  9. So should we expect the code snippet you just posted to be in next release? So there will be no error at all for my use case?
    Thanks Jamie!
  10. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Please see the attached for the code.
    I used a modal window to show my point.
    Basically, both destroy on hide/destroy on deactivate will cause problems like this.
  11. Hi Jamie,
    Just go to Sencha docs at!/api/Ext.field.DatePicker
    and add "destroyPickerOnHide: true" into the example.
    Open the picker and click cancel...
  12. Hi Jamie,
    This is a really common problem. Whenever I want to animate the exit of a screen I have to do the following to make sure no error is thrown:

    panel.on('hide', function() {
  13. So a temp fix we use is this:

    // @private
    destroy: function() {
    //NOTE: This is a quick fix of sencha code !!!
    var picker = this._picker;

    if (picker &&...
  14. Hi,
    Following is my code:

    xtype: 'datepickerfield',
    destroyPickerOnHide: true
  15. I had a form with 10 datepickers and it is dead slow when I destroy the form.

    Here is the problem:

    //Destroy method in DatePicker.js

    // @private
    destroy: function() {
  16. Why Beta 3? Is Beta 2 already out yet?
  17. Replies
    Read through the Code for ST1 and port it over to ST2. I will do it eventually but if you need it more urgently than me. You probably have to go ahead and make it yourself.
    I think with ST1...
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    That's quite true :). I am loving Sencha(both Ext and Touch) immensely so far.
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    Because that only works for Ext/Sencha. But WhichJS tries to cover all major JS frameworks :)
  20. Replies
    I have always wanted to quickly figure out what version of Ext/Sencha Touch a website is using. Also I want to know what other frameworks are also used in conjecture with Ext.
  21. Hi I am using ExtJS 4.1 and in chrome browser.

    The wild card notation '*' in Ext.Loader does not seem to work.
    The name of my app is 'Zan', I followed all Ext conventions in constructing my...
  22. I see :D
    I tried the following and it worked. (wasn't too bad afterall)
    initComponent: function() { = 'new aaa';

    console.log(panel.getAaa()) =>...
  23. I don't understand.....
    Then I ll have to write my own setters and getters??
  24. Then How do I set default values for cfg properties? calling individual setter in initcomponent?

    I tried the following code and it worked:

    initComponent: function() { = 'new...
  25. Hi,
    When I declare a class, I am under the impressions that I can put cfg properties into the config object, getter and setters are generated for this cfg property and I can pass a default value...
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