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    Typeahead in Ext.picker.Time

    Is there away to get the Ext.picker.Time to do typeahead as there is with the generic combobox. It looks like this feature was in ext 3.X as "autocomplete" but can't find it in 4.X
  2. We are using Sencha Touch for cross platform...

    We are using Sencha Touch for cross platform development. This issue is a consistant problem that is difficult to work around. Specifically, in the case of dropdown (select) menus that that have...
  3. Lets make this happen

    I've seen this in action (Ext designer.) I'm hoping the Sencha team can contribute with some learnings. Do you have any recommendations of next steps?
  4. Packaging and installing Sencha Touch Apps on Windows

    I am building an application for touch enabled windows boxes that needs a traditional application install and deployment package (MSI). Similar to the ExtJS Designer install deployment for windows....
  5. Thanks for replying.

    Thanks for replying.
  6. I got this working

    To fix this I set the userClassName to the same as the storeId in the data source config. It is apparently a know bug in the designer.
  7. Same Problem

    I am having the same problem. is there any update on this or ideas on how to get past it?
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