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  1. one more: reset()

    reset : function(){;
    this.fileInput.dom.value = '';
  2. disable() & enable() too

    Same issue with disable() and enable(). Adding the following fixes them.

    onDisable : function(){
    this.el.dom.disabled =...
  3. [2.2] FileUploadField - unable to mark invalid from server side

    I have a fileuploadfield with an id = one thing, and a name = another. When the form submit action returns with errors, the field doesn't get marked invalid. If I manually find the component by the...
  4. Suggestion: Ext.form.Action handleResponse w/try...catch

    The default form actions' handleResponse() doesn't handle the possible SyntaxError thrown by Ext.decode(). I'd suggest the following:

    handleResponse : function(response){
  5. [2.2][DUP] collapse/expand = layout issues for FF

    I don't know if this is already known. I didn't find it when I searched.

    If a panel with a layout of 'form' is collapsed and expanded on Firefox, its items aren't in the same layout when the the...
  6. [2.2/2.x svn] QuickTip horizontal scrollbar due to shadow

    A Quicktip on the right side of the screen will generate a horizontal scrollbar due to the fact that the calculation of its position doesn't take into account the drop shadow. It happens regardless...
  7. [FIXED][2.??] util.TaskMgr - args vs. taskRunCount

    If you set "args", the taskRunCount doesn't work.

    var rt = || t, t.args || [++t.taskRunCount]);
  8. [1.1.1] HtmlEditor drops useCSS and styleWithCSS setting

    I noticed that Firefox was loosing the useCSS and styleWithCSS settings. It only seemed to happen when I would toggle SourceEdit. I was able to fix it by setting them again at the end of...
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    HtmlEditor Server Side Validation

    I know the HtmlEditor doesn't offer validation, so I am doing it on my server using PHP functions like strip_tags(). :)

    I just thought I'd mention this since the HtmlEditor's markInvalid and...
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    I figured out why the text alignment acted so oddly with IE. In fixKeys the enter key is replaced with <BR />. My guess is that this was an attempt to fix the empty lines IE seems to add between...
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    Based on what I've read, it looks like we're...

    Based on what I've read, it looks like we're stuck with the browsers give us. It isn't a big deal anyway.

    What I'm sure can be "fixed" is how text alignment is handled by IE. Clicking on one of...
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    Thanks. I've been reading MSDN pages and blog...

    Thanks. I've been reading MSDN pages and blog entries for a while now. I'll check out Midas asap.
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    v1.1.1 HtmlEditor ignores DOCTYPE IE6

    I have a form with an HtmlEditor element. If I enter in the exact same text, alignments, colors, etc. into Firefox and IE6, the resulting code is VERY different. The code returned from FF matches...
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    That's an interesting solution. Thanks! It will...

    That's an interesting solution. Thanks! It will enable the button once one of the checkboxes is checked, but it stops there. If the user later unchecks both of the checkboxes, the button will...
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    If the user erases all of the characters in the password field, the score doesn't drop back down to zero. Adding the following to the top of calcStrength should fix that.

    if (p.length == 0) {
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    Have you tried something like this: var ds =...

    Have you tried something like this:

    var ds = grid.getDataSource();
    ds.addListener("load", function(){
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    It's not a bug in the browser, just a different...

    It's not a bug in the browser, just a different way of doing things. Just like IE fires the Window Resize event over and over and other browsers don't. You added a 50ms buffer to the onWindowResize...
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    1.1 Firefox loses Scroll State with tabs

    I have a Grid panel in a border layout and I noticed that the scroll position was lost every time I would activate another tab. It seems to be a Firefox issue. IE seemed fine. I haven't tested...
  19. I ended up fixing this problem myself by...

    I ended up fixing this problem myself by rewriting the grid's layout function so it completes in one pass instead of the two. Took a little trial and error to find a solution that worked in both...
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    I didn't have an East panel, so hadn't noticed. ...

    I didn't have an East panel, so hadn't noticed. Here's my versions of the expand functions.

    expand : function(e, skipAnim){
    if(e) e.stopPropagation();
    if(!this.collapsed ||...
  21. FYI - trick to improve IE's animations and resize

    If you don't have a killer CPU and video card, IE can slow to a crawl when you resize the window or do animation to a layout. Ext has a 50ms buffer on the Window Resize events, but that isn't always...
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    BTW - dnixon also posted about this issue in the...

    BTW - dnixon also posted about this issue in the Premium Help forum.
    Animation Smoothness
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    Nope. Windows XP. This is a known issue with...

    Nope. Windows XP. This is a known issue with Firefox, that's why the beforeSlide and afterSlide functions were created in the first place (from what I understand). I didn't notice this until I was...
  24. 1.1 Grid Panel Resize/Layout scrollbar messed up

    I have a grid panel with alternating lines. If the region is resized smaller, the scrollbar gets partially covered by the alternate grid lines. Eventually everything is redrawn correctly. I was...
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    Layout Collapse/Expand using Firefox is choppy

    I have a complicated Layout with grid panels and other goodies. I have the region's animation turned off. When I would collapse or expand the West region, with a complicated Center region, it would...
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