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    How to Ext.JsonP.request?

    Hello All,

    I need to collect data from another domain to use in my web app, same as Ajax request(as in the sample down) but I need it to work with JsonP as I will use another domain....

  2. Drag&Drop from a TreeGrid to a Tree's node

    Hello All,

    As it says in the subject it looks like a simple operations but I want a little bit different drag and drop operation.

    I want to be able to drop tree rows on nodes with special...
  3. ComboBox on select I need to find a field on the same row

    Hello All,

    I have a dynamic editors loaded in a grid where there are 2 Comboboxes;

    1. I select a value in combobox
    2. Need to change store of another combox in the same row.

    Every row will...
  4. How to add different type of form fields to a table layout form?

    Hello all,

    I am working on a multicolumn form that I can add rows on the fly and change the column field types depending on the first column's combo box.

    I can add and remove rows with no...
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    swfupload; changing tab stops file uploads

    Hello All,

    When I am using swfupload in a tab(I open a Ext.Window in the tab which has an iframe) and when I change tabs when swfupload is working, it just stops uploading.

    Any body run into...
  6. Ext.Ajax.request and using what has been returned

    Hello All,

    I use Ext.Ajax.request to return a javascript string and I run this by evaluating as following


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    Drag and drop from grid to tree

    Hello All,

    I know it sounds standard issue but I am lost between all threads without finding a solution so far.

    I have a grid that I wanna drag and drop from grid to tree (onto certain nodes...
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    380,955 (C#) issue?

    Hello All,

    I have a small issue with my uploadpanel/form.

    My .js code for uploadpanel is (It works well, I pop it with a button)

    var win = new Ext.Window({
  9. How to add a row to editorgrid field in form

    Hello All,

    I have a form with editorgrid (with no row initially, just fields and header are defined).

    Now I want to add a functionality with add button so I can add an editable row.
  10. Grid?

    I know MetaForm is not created for complex elements, but wondering is there a way to implement grid in MetaForm? I just need empty grids for my users to enter values, I have to create the forms on...
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    Xml reader

    Hello Maxim,

    Thanks for the tree grid, it is exactly what I need right now and I started playing with it already.

    My challange is to use xml instead json object.
    - Works: I can see root...
  12. How to use to load data dynamically?


    I was changing one of the example application to fit my needs. In the example used but I want to collect my data dynamically so instead of SimpleStore I tried...
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    ColumnTree, can we branch more?

    Hello All,

    I was following columntree example ( ) because I have a project that I want use this feature.

    But I have a question;

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