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  1. String which has telugu characters are not getting displayed properly in sencha touch


    I have created telugu language localization string in sencha pasted below

    "????????? ????????? ?????? ????????? ???? ???????? ???????."

    But when i display it in sencha list some special...
  2. Just want to put my question in different way. ...

    Just want to put my question in different way.


    Will the above line destroy the current view or it just removes from the view port??
  3. How to switch/change views in sencha touch without destroying existing view

    I am using the below code to switch/change the view from one view to other view.


    var view = Ext.getCmp(viewId);

    if(view) {...
  4. locationupdate API doesn't work on Android 2.3.3...

    locationupdate API doesn't work on Android 2.3.3 SDK.

    It is working in Android 4.1.2 with the below override options.

    var parseOptions = function() {
    var timeout = this.getTimeout(),...
  5. Ext.util.Geolocation.updateLocation() API is not working in Android Emulator & Device

    I am using Ext.util.Geolocation to get the current geo location of the user. When run the app in the google chrome locationupdate callback is getting called. But I run it on in Android...
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