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    i need a key pressed event (space key) in the cell editing plugin. So i have overriden the plugin;

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing, {
  2. This workaround does not work for. My way (using Sencha Cmd v3.1.0.192):

    1. cd PATH_TO_TOUCH 2.2.0b SDK
    2. Generate new app: "sencha generate app App ../app"
    3. Execute cmd : sencha app build...
  3. Thx. Thats helpfully.
    The idea from DodgyDave looks good.

  4. Hello,

    i getting trouble with my device profiles.
    Only one profile is called the function launch but all views are loaded.

    The views that are defined in bottom of phone.
    And the view that are...
  5. Hello,

    i using the sencha command v2.0.0.0 and want to build my app for testing.
    The app works fine within a browser but when i start to package this via:

    sencha app build -e testing

  6. Hello,

    when i use this code to add a checkbox in my Grid how it possible to get the onChange event from the checkbox ? I have tried to add listener on the celleditor, checkbox and on the grid....
  7. :D yes looks like a self created easter egg.

    Work well now. thx.

    Happy Easter
  8. Hello Sven,

    fast reply thx.
    this code doesnt work. Any idea.

    if (contextMenu.getItemCount()==0) {
  9. Hello,

    i have a dynamic context menu on each node. Sometime its to possible to get a context menu without any items. Sadly the context menu show a clear rect on the screen.

    How its possible...
  10. ok,

    here my first solution. I override the Desktop and add the method (addBrandIcon)
    In the ctor i call addBrandIcon(taskBar);
    I have added to styles too.
    The result is what i want. Looks well....
  11. Hello,

    how its possible to add a small icon in the taskbar on the right.
    Currently i only found that way to override the Desktop and override the TaskBar.
    Sadly i have to override than all...
  12. Hello,

    here is my first try to add own values. (a list of towns)

    it looks fine but after selection i a get a error:

    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'get' of undefined"

    Anybody a...
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    It's possible to remove a marker after i add before ?
    Or can i reset the position ?

  14. Not at time. But i have it already in my issues.
    Please write your code in this forum. So we can to aid one another.

    best regards
  15. Hello,

    the Datepicker looks very well. But i need only one column and my own values in it.
    Is that possible ?

    best regards
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    how do i insert a html view into a panel. I like to show html content from a other host (iframe?) into my tabPanel.


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    *i am a little confused cause i have written the question a while ago (10 Minutes) but i cant find the entry in this forum. So i ask again.*

    i have tried to read a rss reader stream from...
  18. Looks good. Thank you.
  19. sadly its more a workaround than a solution.
    I have create a card layout panel. Where i inserted the nestedList.
    After clicking on a item. I add temporarily a new entry into the card layout panel...
  20. hello again,

    my last intention is to set the fullscreen property.

    var mapdemo = new Ext.Map({
    fullscreen: true,
    center: position
    });This works well but after click...
  21. Hello together,

    when i create a NestedList with only one Item. And i want to click on it - the view slides left and show a new list.
    How i can show after that animation a full screen panel...
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