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    Can anyone tell me how to add the image onto the toolbar before centering it? Thanks
  2. Hi All,
    Can anyone tell me if there's a timer class (or alternative which has same function) in sencha Touch?
    I have searched in the API doc it returns no result about timer. What's the alternative...
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    I've tested this app on my android phone. It only shows a blank page.
  4. Ok now another question: How to get the input from the form and calculate? The standard submit only send all the input data together to a server instead of processing data from each fields. Any...
  5. This code is not executable. Is this because of the version difference?(I'm using sencha touch beta v0.97)
  6. I think the 3 fields are for the input times.js. The first part of code is for calculation, not user interface...
    How to see the error messages then?
  7. I tried safari but it returns blank page error messages...
  8. Actually I'm using xcode for code editing and the executing was on browser. Not able to do emulator test at this moment. Before that I used eclipse only but this cannot get debugged on eclipse....
  9. Yes I tried but seems some fomulas of date time calculation are not available in sencha touch. Any hints?
  10. How to change this code into SenchaTouch executable code (some of the functions in this code might not be accepted in sencha touch)?

    var startDate= new Date(currentDate + " "+startTime);
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    Hi. I've seen this example and it was helpful. Furthermore, can anyone give me answer/suggestion to this question (described in this thread)?:...
  12. Hi All,
    Anyone knows how to make a timepicker similar to the DatePicker example, but without the date/month/year columns (actually just need two columns for BreakMinutes and ExtraMinutes)?

  13. Specification:Different break times of 15mins, 30mins and 45mins are available for user to choose
    Pseudo code: Set breakTime = 15mins/30mins/45mins
    User chooses the option of break...
  14. -Calculate the correct daily rest based on the inputs of starting time and ending time.
    Pseudo code: Input DailyStartTime, DailyEndTime, NextStartTime (from a form)
    If user chooses...
  15. Thanks for the reply, but actually I want to calculate hourly differences (means the date is not included). And the times are taken from user input.

    There's a "timefield" in Ext, maybe it is not...
  16. Can anyone tell me how to test sencha touch app on mobile devices before wrapping it up or production?

    And how to wrap the app up for different mobile devices (iPhone, Android phones)?

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    The effect is not what I desired....Originally I wished to put the buttons vertically on the main panel (not a toolbar style) with a nice layout. I have a screenshot of the effect (in attachment),...
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    Yes something similar like that. But in this way the 3 buttons might be too closed to each other. Is there a better way to adjust the space between the buttons (to make the UI look better)? Thanks
  19. Q1. Is the time calculation exactly the same as that in javascript (take input as a string and use the getSeconds()/getMinutes()/getHours() methods)?

    Q2. Recently I found there's a "timefield"...
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    I once put the 3 buttons(not toolbar ones) into one item list and it could be shown on safari. But when I separate the 3 buttons into different panels it doesn't show out. Can anyone point out the...
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