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  1. Update:

    - possibility to pass more than one config element for the same component
    - the config can be written both in an DOM attribute or in an external JS file

    So the following code will...
  2. Update:

    - added some checking for the attribute ext:config
    - now the component's root DOM ement has two new attributes: ext:xtypes and ext:configElement

    ext:xtypes contains the xtypes of the...
  3. Here is an interesting improovement to my code:

    Ext.Element.prototype.hasConfig = function() {
    return this.dom.attributes['ext:config'] ? true : false;
  4. Hi all, i've written a patch to Ext.Component that lets you specify some constructor arguments directly in the placeholder or in the template of the new component.

    The code is the following:

  5. Hi all,

    i think that the events activate and deactivate should be of the form:

    activate : ( Ext.Panel p, TabPanel this )
    deactivate : ...
  6. Replies
    In the current version of Ext the html code is mixed with the source code in javascript. It would be fine to be capable to generate an external template in a html file.
    The advantage is not only...
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