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  1. I had to accept the sort input as a string and then convert it as such:

    public MyModel MyMethod(string sort)
    var sorts = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<Sort>> (sort);
  2. Is there an example of how to use the grid with multiple sort columns and ASP.NET MVC?

    I'm stuck on the issue of mapping the sort query param to a view model of some kind:

    sort: [
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    After a bit of data munging here's the breakdown:

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    Is there a description of the properties that go into structure vs visual css files?
  5. I disabled all of my Toolbars and Extensions in IE8 and the problem still persisted.

    I did a bit of trial and error and the culprit seems to be the x-tab-strip-over class. Disabling that stops the...
  6. I checked it on two XP systems with IE8 and did not see the problem.

    I'm running Vista w/IE8. I will check a few more boxes around the office and see if I can reproduce it.

    BTW the gap starts...
  7. The TabPanel demo on includes some extra spacing below the tabs on IE8.
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