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    I did the same steps. But I end up with with only text. Only text was visible not any color button things. Do you know where I am going wrong?
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    Post Deleted!
  3. Hi All,
    I an new to ext JS. The scenario is I am fetching data from database in a java file then I am sending the data to .jsp file where I am writing Ext JS code. I am displaying data to a grid...
  4. Thanks for your time. But can you describe a little more about it.
  5. Sorry.
    I am using ext-3.3.1
  6. I am sorry to post in the wrong area. It would be better if you can give me the right link. My problem is same as sked by anna here. I would really appreciate if you could give me the answer to the...
  7. Hello,
    I am stuck at this point since a long time. Please help me identify my error-
    I am trying to show data in grid panel and since data is large I am also using Paging Toolbar. This is my code...
  8. Hello,
    I don't now this is the right place to post this or not. But i think it is something related to responseText.

    My prob is once a user enters its name I have to return his father's name....
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    Hello All,

    I am building a application which requires many comboBoxes. I have build a function getComboBox() for building it. I have added listener to it so that if user selects any options from...
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