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    Hi mitchellsimoens,
    really thanks for your useful reply.
    Do you have some css strings to suggest in order to have the same bg of when the panel is not floating?
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    Hi all,
    I have a problem with a tabPanel.
    When I add it to main viewport everything works fine but when I decide to show this tabPanel in popup mode, I have this graphic issue:


    As you...
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    Hi Simon, thanks for your quick reply and for the good news!
    So I'll wait for :)
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    Hi Simon, really thanks for this awesome plugin!!
    I've a question: how can I disable/enable the signature panel? In order to allow user to edit or not it.

    Thanks :)
  6. So it should be an Android issue? Alternatively, can I use a format rule to only allow digits and decimal separator?
  7. Hi,
    I've a problem in my formpanel, when I define a field as 'numberfield' it only allows integer numbers on my Android device, but I need to put decimal numbers (float).

    Code here:

  8. Hi Tchinkkatchuk,
    I've quite solved my problem reading to this topic:

    Take a look! :)
  9. Hi,
    I have to do the same thing : on leaf item, attach a list as next view without loosing the "back" function and navigation animation.
    My list data will came from an internal db query (I'm...
  10. Cannot figure out how debug my javascript code, I try "weirde" too but nothing has gone well and I'm still having the :

    Cannot read property 'leaf' of undefined
  11. Ok, i'll try to set up my Eclipse in order to debug my android App on Safari or Chrome.
    however I suppose that when adding item to my TreeStore, these items haven't the leaf property configured.
  12. Hi mitchellsimoens,
    Thanks for your answer.
    I'm developing an Android app on Eclispe Helios 3.6.2 on OSX , I don't know how debug my code step by step (if it's possible).
  13. Hi guys,
    I've a problem with my sencha app on android that i can't figure out.
    I have a panel with a NestedList and a TreeStore:

    App = new Ext.Application({
    name: "MyApp",
  14. Hi guys,
    I'm pretty new on Sencha World and i'm developing an Android app Sencha Based.
    Now I have a 2-levels tree menu that works correctly but now i want that, by clicking on some specific items,...
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