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  1. Hi brittongr,
    I am trying to make the administration section which has 2 panels. left and center.
    on left panel the accordian will be there which will create menus and submenus inside. On click on...
  2. Hello,
    I tried it using the IE version and the administration panel is not working in any of the IE version. admin Login screen remains there and there after providing login details.
  3. Can anybody suggest how can we update the viewport while clicking on the tree node with help of ajax request ? example will work as great help..
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    I am new to the extjs and saw the example folder and thaught this can help me.

    can you suggest any exmple how can i implement ExtJs in my application with the above requirement?
    OnClick of each...
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    I want to update the content panel on click of any node through Ajax,
    So if I click on the tree node, relevent url should be called from the same application and content area should be updated.
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    I have a similar problem with response of href.
    i want to open in the same viewPort (contentPanel).

    Here is my code structure:
    // Go ahead and create the TreePanel now so that we can use it...
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