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  1. Is there any other possibility without re-create in launch function?

    Why could not be possible to create constructor in adding the proxy?
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    If you want to edit it, you have to add functions from toolbox and/or Generate override class.
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    I don't think so. I have it installed (on different days) on two computers and share time left for trial.
  4. One of my last (and desperate) attempt

    Ext.define('MyApp.model.override.MyModel', {
    requires: 'MyApp.model.MyModel'
    }, function() {
    Ext.override(MyApp.model.MyModel, {
  5. obviously I'm not doing well...
    I added .js resources SqliteConnection and SqliteProxy.
    I added

    var dbconnval = {
    dbName: "myModel",
    dbDescription: "testdb"
  6. I couldn't do that.

    I'm trying to implement a sqlite proxy.

    a) Resource Manager add .js link after all others. Is it the right place?
    b) Doing an override doesn't seems to take new configured...
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