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  1. forget to mention, changing proxy extraParams works great :
    store.proxy.extraParams['searchParam'] = 'yourValue' ;
    You get new dataset but with old store.totalCount (cashed before)...
  2. Just one step before completely usefully infinite scroll .
    How to reset store.totalCount before calling store.guaranteedRange again.
    store.totalCount is cashed after first call of...
  3. I am trying make it work too. I implemented your code but without success. Anyway this feature is really missing , hope the problem will by solved soon.
  4. when I load my first store in infinite grid it works perfect: autoLoad : false , then store1.garanteeRange(0,199), php backhend ... but when I try to change to store2
    with grid.reconfigure(store2)...
  5. Yes, I had the same problem but guaranteeRange(0,199) solved it. Thank you Krishopper
  6. Replies
    always dirty cells.Any solution from official support?
  7. I noticed this problem too
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