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  1. Thank you! Works for us as well...puh!
  2. Hi Sencha guys,

    this is an urgent request for help - our customers upgraded to Chrome 16 today and using Chrome 16 makes Sencha to turn any POST request into a GET request (detailed issue:...
  3. Hi Sencha guys,

    hopefully you have noticed this post as this is a really heavy issue - not sure whether the Chrome guys are responsible for this dilemma, but currently our customers can not submit...
  4. Hi Vik,

    quick question: did you manage to start your animation via click? If so, maybe you could post your solution here?

    @Sencha Team: Animator is really great! But starting animations...
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    Hi Sencha community,

    quick question as I'm banging my head against walls: did anybody manage to include the facebook comment plugin (or any other FB extension) successfully into a Sencha Panel?...
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    Hi Krielkip,

    yes the approach is storing JSON to our database - in order to populate the database we have a Java mapper with Flex UI which enables users to kind of generate the JSON. If you like...
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