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  1. I ran into this problem too using Ext 2.1.

    rogerr's solution which hooks the collapse call took care of it.
  2. Here is the summary of my problem and solution for anyone who might benefit from it.

    Summary + Hypothesis:

    I have several tabs in a tabpanel that contain charts among other things. When a tab...
  3. @hendricd -- Thanks for your time. After considering your changes to the example code I got to thinking about the fact that the tabpanel has deferredRender = false. I picked through the dom and sure...
  4. Well this is the best I've been able at reproducing something. Interestingly enough the example works fine in IE7 but produces errors in FF. Just put it in your example directory and make sure it can...
  5. Ok, I'll see if I can get a simplified example to exhibit the same problem.

    BTW I modified the plugin to optionally use an array of components which are to be masked rather than always masking...
  6. What would cause the SetVariable function to not be defined when it's called in setDataXML?


    I'm aware that I haven't given you much information but I don't...
  7. Here's another place where hideLabel in conjunction with other properties causes layout anomalies. Once again put this in a file in your examples directory, open the file, click on the first...
  8. If the fieldLabel config is not set for the textarea the problems seems to be fixed. While setting this option if hideLabel is true is not necessary it shouldn't cause problems....
  9. Here is the example farther simplified.

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <title>Tab Example</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  10. Ok, here is an example. Put this in a file in your example directory.

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
  11. After updating from Ext 2.0 to 2.1 TextAreas and DateFields in two of my forms move a couple pixels when given focus in IE7 (in FF things work fine). Both forms are in the south region of a tab in a...
  12. Here are the two functions that load the chart data and process it after it's loaded.

    processResponse : function(respObj, caption, subCaption) {
    var ranges = respObj.dist.ranges;
  13. The following css is applied to the chart object when masked. My guess is it has something to do with the problem.

    .x-masked select, .x-masked object, .x-masked embed {
  14. When I call mask on the element for the Container that contains my chart panel while the chart data is being loaded and then unmask the element after loading has completed the chart data isn't...
  15. Thanks! From what I can tell so far everything works just as it did in RC1.
  16. Any chance I could get a pre-release copy of the 2.1 code to play around with?
  17. When is Extjs 2.1 support expected? What has to be done for it to be supported?
  18. I set widths for my panel with the border layout and for each region and added the code posted by Condor in the thread below and it solved my problem.
  19. Have you made any progress on this issue rrenfro? I have the same problem and setting a starting width doesn't work for me either.
  20. Ah! Thanks.
  21. Yes, I've tried that and I can't get it to work...that's why I asked ;)

    Here is my chart config.

    this.chartPanel = new Ext.ux.FusionPanel({
    region: 'center',
    floating: false,...
  22. Thanks, that worked.

    When using jslint I just check 'Tolerate sloppy line breaking' to avoid the line breaking errors.

    Another quick question: How do I pass values to the chart for params like...
  23. hendricd you may want to run uxmedia.js, uxflash.js, and uxfusion.js through jslint; there are some missing commas and semicolons.

    On a different there a way to reset a chart that has...
  24. Those additions did it. Thank you so much. Everything works beautifully now.
  25. To achieve the desired layout I had to /:)
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