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  1. well after growing my hair back etc I have managed to sort this out. I set up another user account with all privelages, then wnet to my user then found the bash_profile and deleted it. (sounds easy...
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    as mitchellsimoens said, if looking on chrome open up the web developer tools and look in the console section this, should display some nice red errors, copy these to paste on here so we can see...
  3. Once i have an app ready to go on line, i put it through the command line to crunch it up etc.

    But the other day went online to refresh my memory and i come across to pages that state to do the...
  4. i managed to get the following running:

    /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/nano /.bash_profile

    but this lists nothing other than then GNU nano 2.0.6 and the menu at the bottom, with a blank screen in...
  5. I am still having this issue, and every time i open my terminal i get the message:

    Last login: Mon Jul 2 19:55:00 on ttys001-bash: export:...
  6. I think this is the issue, and it was not removed properly, but its not within my application folder anymore..
  7. having installed the SDK etc i tried to use the terminal but the only thing that want to play ball is the cd command, each time terminal opens i get the following:

    -bash: export:...
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    I have just created a new app and tested the build via command, and all works well but then when running the app within the browser locally i get the following error:

    XMLHttpRequest cannot...
  9. Yeah! but its easy to over look especially when they are hidden :-)

  10. i upgraded to 2.0.1

    But did nothing to this project folder.

    Ah! the hidden file does not exists, that probably the issue me thinks....

    Yup! just copied it into the project folder and tried...
  11. UPDATE:

    I decide to just run it again on this folder especially after i have upgraded to the new 2.0.1 and the SDK beta 3 and I get the following ERROR:

    [ERROR] The current working directory...
  12. nope nothing its as if i have just done a simple cd change drops to the next line as if waiting for me to type something in.
  13. How would I then implement this in the following:

    I have a titlebar set to the bottom with a buttons within :

    var SocialNetwork = {
    xtype: 'titlebar',
    docked: 'bottom',
  14. Sorry not really sure what is what, so here is a break down:

    I first create a new web app using terminal

    sencha app create beta21 ../SenchaProjetcs/beta21
    sencha generate controller...
  15. I used command using MAC terminal. from with in the projects folder. I hope this is what your after.
  16. thats where i was going wrong then, thanks any issue i will inform.

  17. When i type in :

    sencha app build -e production

    then hit enter nothing happens it just drops to the next line.

    I dont get any of the build process at all.

    This happens on soem projects...
  18.,???) etc does not work within a mobile browser and does so if i had the followign how coudl i have it open in a new window?

    handler: function()...
  19. I have an app that i currently over-write/add extra styles with a custom.css file held within the resources/css folder and am linking through the main index page as normal, but when i get to build it...
  20. to be honest if you look here it gives a good browser support report and we do not support IE6,7 and we will soon not support IE8 once ten is release, firefox and chrome...
  21. @omarm sorry to hear that. I know about the data-??? tag i was just using it as a reference i actually changed my to data-pages just so that other developers can read the code and understand blah!...
  22. i find it better to do this as unless you create a vanilla project and then use this to create new ones you could be porting over and issues or problems.

    Also each project is given a 'Uniquely...
  23. Just to add to this you can add the following code to your controller:

    extend: '',
    config: {
    refs: { },
    control: {
  24. SOrry, i did not get in touch but been busy at work then home :-) Unfortunatley when something is new(ish) it can take a while for other members to get to grips with things and then build up a huge...
  25. When I go and use the terminal to build my app for testingor production
    "sencha app build -e production"

    I do not get anything it just goes on to the next line no error message or a long list of...
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