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  1. Replacing request with 'r' is the best option here I believe

    I tried, this and the below doesn't work, it results in XHR requests not working at all. :)

    abort : function(r) {
    if (r && this.isLoading(r)) {
    if (!r.timedout) {
  2. Worked for me.

    I have a geocoder callback that I put the

    google.maps.event.trigger(, 'resize');

    line into and it worked. If you center the map, you have to resize before hand,...
  3. Ext.Toolbar.removeAll(false) doesn't work properly?

    I'm trying to remove buttons from a toolbar without detroying the Component so I can re-use it later, but I find that the function call Ext.Toolbar.removeAll(false) and Ext.Toolbar.remove(false)...
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