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  1. In the folder 'packages\<yourtemplate>' of your application.
    Create folder 'view/Table.scss' and add to this file:

    $grid-row-cell-focus-border-width : 0px;

    Sencha CMD will nicely pick it up...
  2. change in the grid columns:

    header : 'Name', ...

  3. How can achieve that this:


    is generated as:
  4. This issue is already around for quite a long time. Recently I had to modify a running Ext 3 application for a customer and this came up again.

    But the solution given really saved the day. Works...
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    I had this problem too and with me it was the Comodo Internet Security software that was the problem. It took me hours to find this. If you have software on your PC that helps to protect your PC like...
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    I am working with Windows 8.1 and I have the same problem. Even when I type: ruby -v from any directory it shows me that Ruby 1.93 is installed, but Sencha Architect is not finding it.

    My PATH is...
  7. In Architect do the following:

    - rightclick on the button in the view


    - Add a controller reference (select the controller you want to have it in, or create a new one)
    - Add a...
  8. Ticket: EXTJSIV-8118

    But Sencha is already working on 4.1.3 with a nightly build on 4.1.4. I even see a 4.2 Beta. What I would like to know is, why you are fixing things that don't seem to be...
  9. I am a professonial ExtJS developer and make my money with developing with this framework. I have the Sencha Complete package and pay good money for this. But I have already 2 occasions where I had...
  10. This post is not extremely attractive to read with the code just pasted in like that.
  11. You won't believe it, but I solved it myself. And the solution was not even close to the grid itself.

    Ext.applyIf(me, {
    items : [{
    region : 'center', ...
  12. That is the frustrating part, i have no errors in the console. I removed all the non Ext css and still it shows the same result. If I remove the flex field with the header field selector and put it...
  13. Does anyone experience problems with grids and property grids in version 4.1, when coming from 4.0.7?

    I have the problem that suddenly the "flex" fields are not shown in the grid. It shows the...
  14. Great, thanks.
  15. You're right about that. I have digged up a version 1 and reinstalled it again, next to the Architect. That will do. Thank you for your reply.
  16. In Sencha Architect you can't make designs for Ext JS 3 anymore. This is understandible, but not nice. I have still a lot of legacy that sometimes needs to be extended. I know that upgrading it to...
  17. In my solution the header doesn't disappear either. I am personally not so happy with overrides, for it always seems to me like it could become another thing to forget, once a release update is...
  18. @kesteb, I had the problem moving from 4.0.2 to 4.0.7. I have included your override and now everything works fine.
  19. I have done the following:

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.selection.CheckboxModel', {
    extend : 'Ext.selection.CheckboxModel',
    header : true,

    constructor: function(config) {
  20. I think that it would be a great gesture from Sencha to publish the videos first not only to the visitors of Senchacon, but to all customers that have a Sencha license with support. I hardly use...
  21. Doesn't help too much, but I have the error too. I am working on a customer project. Is it wiser to go back to 4.02a, because this doesn't have the error. I could even provide an url so you can...
  22. Hello Tobiu,

    Yes you're right by setting the parameters at store definition time. But I have some parameters that change, before the store is reloaded. I used to work in Ext 3 with the...
  23. Hello,

    Just looking for a bit of advise here. Is the following way of setting the value of the post parameters for a store "load" method, the way to go? Or are there better ways to do it. I don't...
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    I don't agree that a compatibility layer is a solution to have "old" Ext3 programs run. It creates in the end dirty programming. Like, if I don't understand it in 4, I'll do it still in 3. This is...
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    @sirrashid, I totally agree! I have the same. Lots of ref's in my applications and now I have to be convinced that the other thing is more powerful. Sure it is, but it is not done, to simply say...
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