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    I can confirm I also get this same error...

    I can confirm I also get this same error regarding this.monitor in BasicForm.js being null and it can't call getItems().


    Testing in Chrome

    I am using a form with one...
  2. [CLOSED] draggable listed in Ext.window.MessageBox config options (4.1)

    Why is the draggable config showing in the Ext JS 4.1 documentation for Ext.window.MessageBox then?

    If this is not truly a config option to use, how do I go about making the message window not...
  3. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg configured with draggable:false has no affect

    Showing a simple message box with a configurable object with the draggable option set to false. It doesn't get applied and when testing the isDraggable() function after, it is stating true. The...
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