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  1. This looks like resolved

    See and
  2. [FIXED] Is this fixed ??

    Looks like it is fixed and...
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    4.2 RC1 ??

    The latest 4.2 nightly build version I see is I do not see any RC1 for 4.2 yet. Is 4.2 RC1 out ?
  4. [FIXED] can you provide the workaround ?


    Can you post the workaround ?
  5. Track EXTJSIV-8268


    Here is another identical bug opened as EXTJSIV-8268
  6. [FIXED] jhoweaa, I did come across the following...


    I did come across the following override. I am not sure if it will fix it. But you can try it out and check if there you have no other alternatives.

  7. EXTJSIV-4875 for tracking

    Track the link on EXTJSIV-4875 for tracking resolution.
  8. [FIXED] Documented as EXTJSIV-4875

    I think the issue is documented as EXTJSIV-4875.

    If there are any...
  9. [FIXED] EXTJSIV-4875 - Status Check

    Will this be resolved in 4.2 ? It does not seem to be resolved in 4.1.3 or 4.2 beta
  10. [FIXED] Ext: 4.2.0 Beta - Locked column grid and edit events


    Here is an issue noticed in ExtJS 4.1.1 and ExtJS 4.2 Beta. I have a grid with row editing plugin and it was working perfectly with "edit", "beforeedit" events. Now I want to lock only one...
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    Other than soon or very soon or very very soon,...

    Other than soon or very soon or very very soon, do you have a tentative date for 4.1 beta and 4.1 release. If you are so close to release why would you not share a tentative release date ?
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