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  1. That would be

    if (checkMenu.isHidden() === false) {

    don't you think :)
  2. This is a very old topic, but never the less I will answer it for others looking for a solution.

    For me it is best practice (this is for ExtJs grids and Sencha Touch lists) to listen to the...
  3. I am using build.xml to hook in into the build process to copy over the production folder to another place. I do this by using the target "-after-build". One big disadvantage is that this will occur...
  4. Thanks for the extra info. I was also struggling with this and came, inspired by this topic, with the following solution:

    <!-- Builds application for all platforms -->
  5. Just tested it and it seems to work properly again in the beta version.
  6. Thanks, Arthur :)
  7. A workaround for this is to add the following Ant task to the end of build.xml:

    <target name="-after-build"/>
    <target name="build"
  8. I see. Never knew that. Thanks for your time :)
  9. I figured that out yesterday indeed. I think that something was cached or something, because in my test at first I didn't need a alias on the extended treestore. After I restarted my laptop yesterday...
  10. In your case, thinking in the mvvm pattern, shouldn't every grid has it's own viewcontroller? So your reusable grid is a view, viewmodel and viewcontroller and that grid you reuse on a higher level...
  11. In my journey how to bind an external store to a viewmodel I found out that if I use the 'type' config I can bind the store with the referred alias.


    stores: {
    treeItems: {
  12. I guess not, because the selectors used in the control config are based on component queries and not based on reference lookup. It looks like a great feature though. When I was using mvvm at first I...
  13. Don't use an id field on the model, but change it to for example RecordId. Is this helping?
  14. Hi there all,

    I have created a component as a package and want to upload it to the sencha market. I never uploaded a package before, not even put a repository on github. And I want it to do it the...
  15. Thanks for your clear explanation! It took me some time to figure it all out, but now it seems to fall all into place. Maybe you can explain some more about what you said?

    What is the best way...
  16. Maybe I will. But isn't downing the same as a whitespace in a selector? Up = ^, for example: 'toolbar ^ panel'..

    And yes, hardly conclusive :-?
  17. I wrote a little test and the results are complicated. The first run the most specific selector is 30% faster, the runs after that the 'single selector' is faster. Most likely this would mean the the...
  18. Hi there,

    We are building a large portal and each performance boost is welcome. We are now at the point of refactoring our controllers and I have a question about 'best practice' for selectors and...
  19. Sorry that I reply on this old thread, but I found your answer a bit strange because your own documentation say something different. If you use several models in one store you should place the proxy...
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    I saw you saying (in some other thread) that you have to control the layout through the layout manager, and that overnesting is not a good thing. I didn't understand what you were saying, I guess i...
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    It seems that I solved my problem, but created a new one. Where I first had problems with a dynamic height and my width was fully resizable, I know have the grid fully resizable in height but does it...
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    Hi there,

    I'm new to extjs and trying out building a viewport layout. Everything goes well, except for one thing. In my center-region a have a toolbar and a panel containing a grid. When i give...
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    Great job! Many thanks for that. Just the push in the back I needed, since i'm new to mvc .net and extjs. Will study on it! :D
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