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    What is the best UX or 3rd Party Plugin available currently to integrate a iOS & Android fully working navigation slide menu as by the official Android SDK...
  2. +1, would like to see an official answer from Sencha Support.
  3. From what I've read you need the Cordova Splash-Screen Plugin.

    I found this thread on the forum to be the best information public available yet:
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    Latest GA from Sencha Touch Complete -> Version 2.4.1 on 23.10.2014

    That was 6 months ago.
    If you bought the Complete - Boundle at this time (almost 5.000 $), and you have already passed 6 months...
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    +1 for Single-Developer License, or even some kind of Indie-License.

    Price is huge for one person.

    Here it is more clarified. It is easily possible to currently read the Source-Code of Sencha Touch + Cordova Applications.
  7. Yes definitely I think JavaScript will be visible, but SenchaCMD does a good job of minimizing it already, so it's hard to read. Moreover I think it is possible to run external 3rd party libraries...
  8. Sorry to pull this old thread, but thats exactly the error I get.

    I've followed the exact steps from Sencha_Eclipse_Plugin_InstallandUse.pdf and...
  9. When using Genymotion within Eclipse to automatically start your own Sencha Touch application, how do I keep sure the native package is always up2date? I know that Genymotion gives a simulator,...
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    Quick look reveals they use VBB so you could bookmark -> this still works.
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    To be a bit more concrete: When using phonegap / Cordova builts, there is a config.xml for setting up the icons. Can I delete the presettings from Ext.application.icon | startupImage (app.js) since...
  12. Thank you albanx, very useful.

    @patrik62: I've asked a similar question here - no reply yet.
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    Thanks. Yes after reading through the forum a bit I also came to this conclusion. Most prefer checking on chrome/localhost/desktop first. And only at later stages, when you have to test e.g. native...
  14. Here is a bit more information
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    Here is a bit more information
  16. Just registered and directly got the first lesson! :) Works like a charm.
    I will start reading tomorrow!

    Thanks for your service, really appreciated!
  17. Thanks for making the recordings public at a later point!
  18. Thanks, this thread clarified a lot for me! :)
  19. +1 I just got to use the Sencha Complete package but this seems to be a showstopper?? ;-) I wonder how such a critical bug was unnoticed, no one ever tried building a german app yet? ;) ;) Needed...
  20. +1, would like to see an auto-login example too.
    Would be great to see one for android and one for iOS.
    Also one which is safe to use and enforces current best-practices for secure communication...
  21. Is it possible to somehow obfuscate the JS-source code of the native app?
    AFAIK apk's sourcecode (for example) can be easily made visible.
    Will that be possible too when I use a PhoneGap/Cordova...
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    "sencha generate app" will create icon & startupImage pathes in app.js. Do I still need those when working with Cordova? Why doesn't SenchaCMD put those values in the config.xml of Cordova? Can...
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    May I ask for best-practice code-developing approach using Sencha Touch?

    Is it okay to use some kind of IDE (e.g. Eclipse with code completion) and after you've done some coding you save and look...
  24. Excellent, that would be great. Thank you both of you!
  25. No problem ;-). I seem to understand where it goes. I thought because Sencha advertised with "Sencha Mobile Packaging" in the Sencha Complete suite, this would be all done automatically by just using...
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