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  1. Hi,
    I have a requirement where I have to upload a image into my Sencha Touch 2.0 application. Can any one please let me know how to do that using Sencha Touch 2.0 and if this actually possible....
  2. I have done everything exactly the same way as described by mitchell and I am able to solve my problem.
  3. Currently I am trying to update the data for one record(multiple attributes) but unable to do so...form.setValues() is not working..
    status: 'Rejected by Claim Manager',
  4. Hi,
    I have two forms. I want to pass some data that I have entered in form 1 to form 2 on click of button. How to pass data between two forms in Sencha Touch 2.0

  5. I need a date and time picker in my application. I am able to select the date by using datepickerfield field but I am unable to get any time picker field. Is there any such field available in sencha...
  6. Hi,
    I have entered some data into a form and saved it into local storage. Now I want to display the data into another form in a ready only view. I am able to get data from the store but I am not...
  7. Hi,
    I have few dropdowns in my application. I want to set the values in the dropdown dynamically.
    Please let me know the way how to implement this functionality.

  8. Hi,
    I have multiple views in my application. How can I call one view from another view, and then go back to the home page. I have around 6-7 views in my application and I want to navigate between...
  9. Replies
    I have stored some model data into the local storage. Now I want to display the data stored on local proxy on some form. I want to retrieve the model data by id. Please let me know how can I...
  10. Hi,
    I want to perform validations on the fields of form such as mandatory check but I don't have model defined for the page so how to perform validations without model as validations are performed...
  11. Hi,
    I want to make one properties file that will contain all the constants for my application. Can anyone please help me out how to do this in Sencha Touch 2.0 and how to access that file and...
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    I am new to Sencha Touch 2.0. I am trying to make a small application from where user will enter some data into a form may be name and password and store that data in the local storage. I don't have...
  13. Hi,
    I am using Sencha Touch 2.0.
    I have a form with two fields name and password. If I am giving the default values for the fields as shown, I am getting the values for name and password through ...
  14. I am trying to pass some values as parameters to a rest service. I have entered some value in the form but when I am trying to get the values. I am getting the empty values. attached is the code for...
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