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  1. I have a record with id: 0 but is never processed by the JsonReader,
    If I change the number to any other it works OK.
    (If I use ArrayReader it works for id: 0, though!!)
    Any idea?

    Thank you in...
  2. Thank you very much skirtle!!
    I will try your suggestion
  3. I've a gridpanel-store that has a combobox field (which has a store with value:'id' && displayField: 'description' ).

    The gridpanel-store, by default, sorts this field on value "id", on this...
  4. Thank you very much for your reply,
    Actually, after pasting my json file to for validation it was valid.
    I have added a custom renderer function to this column in order to...
  5. Hello guys,

    I have a grid(with a column address) that has a JSON reader and whenever the JSON data string contains special characters like:
    { "address": "\"Home\" Number " "}
    it is never...
  6. I have an Ext.form.FormPanel where there are 2 radios with the same name: 'radioName'.
    After applying the method Ext.getCmp('formpanelid').getForm().getFieldValues() I get an object of the field...
  7. After setting property "type: 'String' to store fields the above issue has been solved.
    BUT I have noticed that in extjs grouping and sorting should be to the same state (''local" or "remote").
  8. I have noticed that if null values exist in a grouping store grouping by this field does not group the data correctly.
    The weird thing is that if I replace null values with empty strings "" then...
  9. After using Ext.ux.maximgb.treegrid.AdjacencyListStore I've found that when I add records as children to a parent record and press expand, children are shown expanded to the next record!!!

  10. After using Ext.ux.maximgb.treegrid.AdjacencyListStore clientside, I have noticed that after setting a new value in a record field expand icon '+' is disappearing.

    Any idea?
  11. Hello guys,
    Does anyone know HOW the properties
    left_field_name: '_lft',
    right_field_name: '_rgt'

    are calculated?

    I'd appreciate any help!
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    I' ve a TreeGridPanel like the one in the example:

    and I want to use a data store on the TreeGridPanel(like in the GridPanel)...
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    I've a Grid like in the Ext examples:
    and I want the applying action of filters to start after pressing "ENTER" in...
  14. Thank you very much!
  15. I have an Ext.form.FormPanel where there is a property trackResetOnLoad: true and I have some textfields.
    After modifying some textfields I should press a "Save" button in order to sent the changes...
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    I have an Ext application where there are tabpanels, gridpanels etc.
    With Firefox memory reaches about 300MB, BUT after closing and tabs, grids or any other Ext element this number does not...
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    After using the plugin from post ,
    in order to achieve nested gridpanel I have noticed that after updating any...
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    OK Condor,
    Thank you very much!
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    Thank you Condor,
    I was thinking of a parallel store, too.
    Moreover, do you know if the snapshot property of a store is a valid placeholder for unfiltered records?
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    It would be preferable if it were a property on store, like in Ext.form.Fields originalValue where it would hold the initial records.
    I was wondering if it could be the snapshot property.
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    I have noticed with Firebug that there is in a property named snapshot which always holds the initial unfiltered records.
    This was very helpful, because I wanted a similar attribute....
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    Hello Condor,It would be desirable to have 2 grids(master-detail), where the records in the 2nd(detail grid) would have as a foreign key one record of the master grid.
    Moreover, the user could add...
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    Hello guys,

    Is there any solution for master details grids with extjs?
  24. Thank you very much Condor!!!
    It works perfectly now!
  25. I have a gridpanel where there is a column with xtype: 'datecolumn'.
    Although, in Firefox the data are displayed normally, in InternetExplorer date data are not displayed.

    Any idea?
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