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    Good job, very interesting your component.
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    Thanks for the replies slemmon and Arg0n.

    I know js is asynchron, which runs in the browser and php in the server.
    My problem is not there.
    I have a page that contains a "listeners" that...
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    Extjs to call a variable to a PHP simply associate this:

    I found another post on this forum a way to initialize a global variable, I managed to make a partial...
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    Slemmon, I running Extjs inside a Php file in this moment.
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    hello guys,

    I need to transfer a value from a variable between pages and tabs.

    I've tried starting this variable "idxz" through "Ext.define", but the value is not changed properly, kept the...
  6. Fabio, what happened to Policenosistemas? Their programs were pretty cool, I got to try some, I remember you from another thread of extjs.
  7. I put a table (present in your system) and he reached the end of the process, but did not allow me to watch any part of app, the screen went only with the layout and nothing else appeared.
  8. I have permissions for a local database structure. The access and the hits that I made was in yours database system in the version released . We tried make the app and this just froze. It was very...
  9. The framework is a good ideia, but i make a test with this framework and this no connect my databases (local and internet). The framework have a problems?
  10. The archive that i modified (server.php) exist in the example of Scott Martin "", you make a download, unzip and change.
    Jailson Jan :D
  11. Hello everyone!
    I made some changes to make it work, the connections of the database must be in the function "showData" that makes calls sql. See below the changes.
    I tested it and it works....
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