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  1. The JS Fiddle is not working properly! Could you checkit?
  2. Hi... I have this code...
    var comboDescTarea = records[0].get('descripcion');var comboVlUnitario = records[0].get('vlUnitario');var comboQtyHoras = records[0].get('qtyHoras');var grid =...
  3. Hi, everyone.

    This question is about to know which is the best way to change the Language Localization in Sencha Architect 3.x?

    My Apps are going to be displayed in Spanish.

    Thanks in...
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    it would be great that if we select a window as a Main View, the Autoshow parameter set to true. I lost a lot of time until I found this topic. Sencha Architect 3.
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    This question shouldn't be marked as ANSWERED. Because as Jason said, we shouldn't move anythong manually.
  6. The same thing in Sencha Architect 3.

    I'm using Windows XP SP3.
  7. Well I've installed the Sencha Architect 3 in a Win 7 Ultimate x64. It installed also Sencha CMD and Sencha Ext Framework (Some screen tel me that).Do I really need to create a Workspace? Where is...
  8. I've the same problem trying to PREVIEW an APP using Sencha Architect 3.Saddly it was to show off about SENCHA to my Company but with this kind of mistakes it's difficult.
  9. Yes... Where is "bootstrap.css"? In Architect 2 I hadn't problems PREVIEWING or PUBLISHING... It worked at the very first time...
  10. Hi..

    I've just installed Sencha Architect 3 but I'can SAVE, PREVIEW or BUILD an APP.

    I created the workspace:

    "C:/Documents and Settings/Progress Developer/bin/Sencha/Cmd/"...
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