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  1. I removed the .prototype from first line of your code so it is now:

    Ext.override(Date, {
    and it seems like working. I am going to test it now and report the result.
  2. I am receiving the same error I described in #14, I traced a little and came up with this:
    in ext-base.js we have a code:

    var p=origclass.prototype;
  3. Thanks for you effort,
    When I add the first part of your code to override clearTime and isDTS functions, I get this error in firebug:

    ext-base.js (line 9)
    p is undefined...
  4. Thanks again,
    The only thing that remains is, my regional and language settings. I have changed all my settings from Farsi and Iran to English, United States (in the first tab) and English in the...
  5. I was getting used to quick responses, but it seems there is no more!
    Is there someone working on this issue?
  6. Hi and thanks again for your time mystix,
    I had an idea, there is a slight chance, that you don't see the bug on virtual machines. So I installed Microsoft Virtual PC, set up Win XP on that, and...
  7. Great tips from mystix,
    If you want to see the bug:
    Go to Date and Time in control panel
    In the timezone select (GMT +03:30) Tehran (I don't know about other time zones, but it work fine for...
  8. Hi,
    When you pick 22 and 23 th march of 2009, the picker shows 21 of march, and for dates after that, there is always 1 day difference. for example if you pick 29th, Field value would be...
  9. I 'm having the same problem, no answer to this thread from support team?????? :(
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