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    Has there been any activity on this bug? Was hoping there would be at least an override that can be implemented by now.
  2. Hello,

    Our team has been quickly upgrading our product from Ext4 to Ext5, and moving code from global controllers into ViewControllers. We have stumbled across a discussion and were wondering...
  3. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:

  4. Thanks for the good response, The0s. Any of the Sencha guys care to chime in?
  5. From what I've gathered with the way things are progressing from Ext4 to 5 to 6, it seems to be the preferred practice to make your views as declarative as possible, without having functions defined...
  6. Nice work, thanks Mark!
  7. It would be very cool if the requires block management would consider what is in the requires blocks of the parent class structure. Currently it seems to be done on a class-by-class basis, not...
  8. It looks like the ptype is not being detected for the requires block management. I haven't checked, but this could also mean ftype is not working either.

    Any config objects using those properties...
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    Hey Mark, fantastic job on the plugin! This is very cool and already has been a big help with some simple tasks for us.

    A couple suggestions from my initial experiences:
    1. Perhaps some sort of...
  10. I know it has been a couple of years, but this issue still exists in Ext 4.2.2 and I'm surprised that it has never even been acknowledged. Setting bodyBorder: 0 does not work for any extensions of...
  11. Hey Mitchell, should this be reported as a bug? We are doing something similar to @kpiland, and can't just use the production version of sencha app build. It doesn't really make sense that using...
  12. Where can Touch 2.3b and Cmd 4.0b be downloaded?
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    Hey Sencha folks, are you guys gonna give this one a look? Seems pretty silly that people with Grids in their apps can't do a build! This is still an issue for us in 4.2 GA.

    Ext version tested:

  15. Scott -

    We have checked Chrome 24 and we do not receive any "Layout run failed" errors. We only get this on Chrome 25, and not necessarily the first time (in other words, it might work one or two...
  16. So, nobody else is seeing this problem yet? The latest update of Chrome (25.0.1364.152 m) that came today has yet to fix this issue.

    This is obviously a problem with Chrome 25 that is breaking...
  17. You are correct, Evan, that we are getting layout errors. The only additional info provided by the ext-dev file is the logged statement "Layout run failed."

    What is so peculiar is that the...
  18. Evan, it does appear to be something similar to this.

    Once the layouts are "broken", in any future calls to ContextItem.flush, me.dirty is not complete; it is missing the x component. ...
  19. FWIW, we are not seeing any errors in our console logs when this condition happens.
  20. Scott, there is now a test case posted in the Bugs forum:

    It does not happen necessarily the first time, but if you let it run a while, it will...
  21. Has anyone noticed any strange behaviors with Ext Windows in Chrome 25? Or application has been working for quite a while, and this strange behavior has started within the past few days.

    We have...
  22. I have figured this one out. I was using the "production" build, which is the default when doing "sencha app build".

    I switched to using "sencha app build package" and it seems to be working. I...
  23. FYI Danny, I have posted a bug here:

    I am hoping that Sencha addresses this soon. Seems like a huge issue if people can't create working native...
  24. Mitchell, has the definitely already happened? If so why, does this page refer to SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-Beta as the version to use? Am I wrong in saying that this is about 6 months old?? ...
  25. When I had this problem, I had to uninstall Sencha Cmd and reinstall it into a directory without any spaces in the name (C:\Sencha). You probably have it installed in "C:\Program Files\SenchaXXX"...
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