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  1. He certainly isn't, but I think most of us here would agree that this is the case.
  2. [/LIST]This needs its own thread. Go forth, and populate these forums, my son! =D>
  3. Indicative of another problem entirely on the part of Sencha. Some sort of confirmation that your issue has been seen would be awesome, but perhaps that should be discussed in a separate thread.
  4. I think the "how to" guide is a necessity.
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    It is hard for me to believe that Sencha hasn't thoroughly explored their options. That was a weak excuse, and fairly obviously so. There have been consistent requests for a public bug tracker for...
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    I also cannot comprehend why the above is the cause for a lack of a public bug tracker, and all this time later. Why not have both? Sure, there may be some overhead maintaining a private and a public...
  7. Check out the most recent beta build, and look inside the Android Viewport code. Sencha added a listener there, just copy over that change to your Viewport.
  8. Double post, but we have a fix:

    Thanks to this post, we looked into the source and found the pertinent Sencha code that was released to fix it. Using those changes, we were able to fix the problem...
  9. Has there been any progress on this bug? It has been here since August of last year, and a canon fix here would be extremely useful.
  10. Have I missed a doc? It seems like the .cfg's and xml's should be more thoroughly explained, with all the options listed somewhere.
  11. If we could configure the entry point file for the application, that would be awesome. We are using a Tomcat stack, so our entry is index.tml instead of index.html. In our case, we're not inserting...
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