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  1. any help on this one?
  2. any luck with livegrid? we are also facing smae issue, its keep coming as 'Nothing Found' on bottom of the grid. is there any config we can disable in order to get rid of it?
  3. its after all rows inserted, it inserts 2nd row again in the end. and throws js error - 'internalId' is null or not an object

    1 test
    2 test2
    3 test3

    if you copy this rows one by one...
  4. Copying the rows from the grid and inserting into same grid in begining (insert at position 0).
    It was causing performance issue, as soon as hits more than 10 rows. I started using...
  5. I have store associated with the grid, and copy feature in toolbar, which copies multiple rows and paste it on the grid. For this I am reading the values from store, and inserting one by one....
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    you have to add below in your grid's definition
    viewConfig: {
    getRowClass: function(record, index, params, store) {
    return store.getNewRecords().indexOf(record) >= 0 ? 'modified-row-cls' :...
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