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    @mabello, thank you very much!!!!
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    I have a webservice which returns an array like this:
    [CODE]["Desligado","Desligamento Volunt
  3. I was trying to do somethiing like Combobox.prototype.tpl = new XTemplate(bla bla bla)
    but, it doesn't work =\
  4. is It Possible?
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    djliquidice, santosh.rajan thanks!!

    [COLOR="LemonChiffon"]why isnt it on docs?
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    I have the folowing comboBox:

    // JavaScript Document
    var colabComboBox = function(){
    var combo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store: new{
  7. I'm using IE6
  8. Hi all,

    I'm using the plugin Ext.grid.RowExpander on a gridPanel, but i'm having problems... when the user click on the button - to collapse the row, after expand it, the browser crash... it...
  9. I think it is not possible, becuase i was trying to do the same, but when looking up the forum i found it:

  10. Ooops.. I forgot to ask you to set up your system date to the one where occur the problem.
    I write one workaround to this issue, i know it is not a good one but work for all browsers, it is:
  11. leandrorc,

    I think it is a SO or Navigator bug (because of daylight saving), do this:

    On adress bar of your navigator, type:

    javascript: new Date();

  12. Mystix,

    I saw it...

    I think it is a firefox bug, because if we execute alert(new Date()) we get something like Sun Oct 14 2007 14:49:34 GMT-0200, but when execute alert(new Date( (new...
  13. Mystix,
    I think it is not the problem... Because we get the same on the docs exemples too.

    Look at this topics:
  14. daviscabral,
    this problem was discuted before in this forum, but they never can simulate it.
    [I]Este problema j
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    Animal, yes, the contenttype is xml/text and the charset iso-8859-1

    I found out my problem. My IE is saying my xml is invalid because a ilegal caracter (
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    Hi all,

    I add a combobox to a Panel, via it's items config option, the combobox is populate via xmlreader component, when I click on trigger button on firefox it works fine, but on Internet...
  17. In portuguese "Que merda"! :((:((:(( (holy )


    open your windows console and type ipconfig /flushdns than try again :s
  18. Try this URL:
  19. :((

    excuse-me, try again now it will work.
  20. mystix,
    i made this video where show what i'm getting.
  21. mystix, thx for reply

    i saw this thread, but i'm not using a non english packeg and i had the same issue on your exemple page it is so strang, because i can pick any data down to 10/12/07 and...
  22. Try pick the date 10/15/2007 at this page
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    I dont know if it's a bug, but when I using this widget today i noticed i cant select the days after 14th corretly, even i put by myself the date 10/14/2007 it back to 10/13/2007. the same problema...
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