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  1. Kaushal's response got me thinking, that I'm using a relatively ancient version of IIS on my server, which might not know how to handle a .json file. I was able to fix the issue by adding a .json...
  2. I am also seeing this issue. Form Data is not being posted in Chrome 16.0.912.63 beta. My app is working in Safari, which is one version off from the latest.

    Request header in Chrome:

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    I am curious about this as well, when I try to look things up in the documentation I have a hard time finding out where these shortcuts lead. Is there a place that lists all the shortcuts?
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    Clicking on individual search results in the Sencha Touch API Documentation ( often brings a page with a spinning icon, and text "Loading..."...
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    I am not sure how to use the "Time" type on a chart axis. I have tried setting a field for the date and defining it with a model type of "date" and later an axis type of "Time". I'm not sure if Ext...
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