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  1. Undocumented hack.

    Ext.widget('panel', {

    defaults: {
    collapsed: true

    layout: {
    type: 'accordion',
  2. FYI this seems to be more of an issue in IE.
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    I can only find one reference to prefetchData in the source and this is it:

    sort: function() { var me = this,
    prefetchData = me.pageMap;

    if (me.buffered) {
  4. Hi enpasos,

    It's nice to see someone else studying the dd source code! This has been my main focus for the last week when building custom functionality for the TabPanel. I've had to resort to all...
  5. Hi bydoo...

    Saving associated model data is not supported by any version of ExtJs. It can be implemented by creating your own writer. More specifically, overriding the getRecordData method....
  6. Hi webfriend13,

    In you 4.1 you no longer need to use guaranteeRange. Set the store to autoLoad and you should be good to go. You can also use the verticalScroller config on the grid to set how...
  7. Sorry for not beating around the bush. I don't have the time.

    Here is a great book to get you started:
  8. Have you tried yourself?
    Have you looked at the source code?

    This is not rocket science if you...
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    How well do you know programming?
    How well do you know JavaScript?

    Not to frighten you or anything, but before you should even consider ExtJS you have to have a pretty good understanding of both.
  10. Hi raj542,

    My advice is get familiar with the ExtJS source code. Most non-standard requirements require you to implement your own classes that override functionality from its base class, i.e....
  11. Dear philance,

    Have you copied the Web Desktop example straight off and are now trying to modify it without understanding anything about ExtJS? That's sure what your question implies and sorry,...
  12. Sorry, but we can't guess what your code looks like from the image alone.
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    No problem understanding. Your best bet is to load associated data in a second call. You get stores automatically created on your primary model and these could be loaded separately.
  14. Maybe this could be tweaked to your needs:!/example/core/spotlight.html!/api/Ext.ux.Spotlight
  15. Hi Speedy,

    This is intended behavior:!/api/Ext.form.FieldSet-cfg-checkboxToggle

    Best Regards
  16. Hi silks,

    You have to use CODE-tags. It's that little button looking like this #. As it stands your code is totally unreadable.

    That being said. I think the problem is that the server response...
  17. Hi snow_cap,

    Here!/guide are some great guides that will teach you how to work with Ext JS 4!

    Your example is best solved with a store that loads its data...
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    Hey twaindev,

    Just a quick note! You don't need to set a storeId if you add the store to your controller (like Ooypunk did). Any store added to a loaded controller is automatically added to the...
  19. I ran into this bug and now you make complete sense! Sorry for being slow.

    Let's hope they fix it in the next release.
  20. Please explain what you think reload means as this is not very clear from what you're saying.

    You can load a TreeStore and choose to clear it first or not. If you clear it first that means calling...

    My best bet :)
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    Check out the example here:!/api/Ext.view.View

    And you use CODE-tags.
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    This is a great place for inspiration:

    More often than not you find a component that can be easily customized to fit your needs.
  24. Hi,

    Start here:

    Best Regards
  25. There is nothing magic about your PHP backend.

    Parse request.
    Validate data.
    Query database.
    Build response.

    This is rather basic PHP and, in my opinion, not a topic for this forum. My...
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