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  1. 42230

    both in Sencha kitchen sink and my own app
  2. please fix asap as this prevents us to upgrade to ST 2.1
    Launch from home screen is critical for our app!
  3. I have:
    ! && &&

    Reason to add Safari is that the browsers of most of the QRcode readers also do have a problem with autoMaximize
  4. OK this does the job for me! txs
  5. I have the same problem - in my ST1.1 app, the iPhone address bar is hidden automatically - not so in ST2?
    Please explain how to do this.
  6. Not working for Windows with SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3-windows

    Set logger to "false" in app.json as described above but I am still getting the following error:

    "Failed loading...
  7. This does not work
    Please check with the other folks in the team to come up with a step-by-step guide for Windows and Mac
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    I am confused: why are they using 'Sencha generate app' in the video? what is the difference with 'Sencha app create'?
    Can we have a step by step instruction on how to get this working under...
  9. I am on Windows 7
    After installation of the SDK, I also get an output identical to what henrikkok pasted in his first code window above.

    'Sencha generate app' from the tutorial...
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    'Sencha generate app' - as used in - is not in the list of commands of the SDK

    I tried to install it in c:\Program Files and in c:\ - all result in same error

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    it's in the download pack under examples\app ! (I was looking for it online)
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    Is there somewhere I can find the source of the MVC examples 'Feed Viewer' and 'Nested Loading'?
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