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    I have a GridPanel within the layout 'fit' but I want it to fit a dynamic number of rows into the current visible area and not just i.e 10 rows if the continer is big enough to hold say 20...
  2. Could someone please take a look at my examples?
  3. No nothing like that. I use FF3 and IE7 aswell. I have uploaded my test-files to a public host. = Center-aligned....
  4. Ah yes ofcourse. I should have thought of that.
    Do you have a solution to the problem shown in the attached image?
  5. I would like to do so but as I wrote before I do not know how and I still do nto know how to get them centered in a good way.
  6. Thanks. But it is not working properly just yet. See the attached image.
    The 'x-tab-strip-inner' is smaller than what it should be.

    Also how can apply this to just one TabPanel instead of...
  7. I have thought of padding aswell but it will always be fixed which might not look good depending on the client width. It would be possible to override the renderer, calculate the padding using the...
  8. The buttonAlign property is for 'buttons' and not for the tab-buttons (used for switching tabs).
  9. Hi

    Is it possible to get the tab-buttons to be aligned at the center and what code would I need to do so?
    I have been playing around with css but without luck so maybe the only way is to...
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    Load an IFRAME? Just by inserting it into the DOM you mean?
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    I have a simple GridPanel listing a set of files. Now I want the user to be able to download the file by doubleclicking on the row.
    The 'rowdblclick' listener is added to the GridPanel but...
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    The problem was the static JSON result sending back the same ID-numbers. I do not really understand why yet so if someone can explain I would be very glad.

    Atleast I have solved it now. *phew*
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    I am playing around with a TreePanel with the checkbox plugin but I have a problem with the nodes not collapsing. It expands fine and receives the static data my PHP-script sends back. But...
  14. I have solved the success/failure problem.

    Using the success/failure in the action works great altho I think it is alittle missleading by the documentation to mention it is only for HTTP...
  15. Yes I have checked in Firebug. The JSON resposne I pasted was actually copied from Fiebugs console. The submit is not the problem really. It is getting the the notification on a successful submit and...
  16. Thank you for the fast answer!

    I have made changes to the code for the prev/next buttons and for the scrolling. However the scrolling still do not work and I guess I did not understand what you...
  17. Hi.

    First of all I would like to thanks the ExtJS team for creating a framework that seem to be able to create wonderful webapplications!

    Second... I have been trying to create stuff using...
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