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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    Thank you for your response. I eventually got it working by doing this ...

    pwd => /Users/name/MyApp/cordova
  2. Hi guys,

    ST: 2.3.1
    Cordova: 3.6.3

    Problem ...
    I have a toggle-field that when enabled (slide right & green) connects to the server and performs a function. I've got this working nicely....
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    Hi Joel,

    I ended up adding the additional CSS as I already had a custom CSS in place.

    Thanks again
    R :D
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    You dear sir ... are awesome! =D> - thank you.
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    Hi guys,

    How do you change the color of the spinning wheel?
    I've managed to change the text color with...

    .x-mask .x-mask-inner .x-mask-message {
    color: white;
    bottom: 15px;
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    Hi all,

    I have a dataview that opens an overlay panel when an item is clicked. Clicking a button or anywhere else closes the overlay panel. I'm looking to 'listen' to an event that will be fired...
  7. Hi, seems I must be doing something wrong here...

    I have a dataview residing inside a panel ..something like ...

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.SchedulePanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
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    Thank you (",)
  9. Hi guys,

    How does one pass record data (dataview) to your controller?

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    Hi Sencha People,

    I'm hoping someone could help me with this problem..

    I have a dataview(dv). When an element of that dv is clicked, an overlay(ol) appears. The ol has a button that when...
  11. Awesome - thanks for that :))
  12. Hi people,

    I have a dataview that loads information via jsonp (remote). My emptyText displays before the information is completely loaded. Is there a way one could assign the emptyText only after...
  13. Hi there,

    Sorry about the late response and thank you for your response. If I'm not mistaken that findRecord and findExact only finds the first instance of those particular records. It therefore...
  14. Hi guys,

    I have 2 stores. Store A's model is something like letter:boolean (A:f), where 'f' is false.

    Store A:
    A:f, B:f, C:f, D:f, E:f, F:f

    Store: B
    C, D, E, B
  15. Hi guys, any update or resolution regarding this one? Would be appreciated (code sample or link etc.).
    Thank you ~o)
  16. Hi Sencha,

    Is it possible to have a list or dataview act like an accordion list if its a simple store being loaded using JSON.

    In short ... my...
    - Model: title, summary
    - Store: LocalStorage...
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    Hi Mitchell,

    Firstly - thank you for your response (really appreciated). Just a question here... (in an attempt to possibly find a more elegant or more efficient approach). I have a dataview bound...
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    Hi all,

    Is there a way to compare two stores. I'd like to filter store-1 based on the contents of store-2. I'm toying with the idea of looping through store-1 and using filterFn, then inside this...
  19. The solution was easier than expected.
    Seems there's no need to actually use an array after all for this.
    In my case, the solution was ...

    itemStore.each(function(rec) {
  20. Hi Jerome,

    Thank you for the response. I've taken your advise but ran into something weird.
    I create the array of items to delete as below #1
    I then loop through the array and remove it from the...
  21. Hi guys,

    I have a store [localstore] that contains a schedule [dataview]. Duplicates are allowed unless a user decides [taps on record and clicks remove all instance button] not to have a...
  22. Any help on this would be appreciated - thank you
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    What does your model and store look like?
    Are you loading remotely?
  24. Hi guys,

    After having the same selectfield (initialize, change) issue as described here, I used their override and plugged it into my app. The app works 100% in the browser and all console logs...
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    Hi guys,

    Any official fix on this? ...I'm getting the same issue when loading my form (3+ selectfields).
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