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  1. Okay, I got it. Ext.Loader isn't working correctly oin Android. If I add my models, stores, views and controllers (in that order) in the index.html and just leave the loader disabled, everything...
  2. Depends on which method I'm using.

    Ext.application({ name: 'Test',
    controllers : ['App'],
    launch: function() {
    // This will appear in the Xcode console. Used for debugging.
  3. Hello everyone,

    I know that it has been discussed a lot, but I really can't figure it out. I got a working ST2 PR3 App, which works perfectly in the web browser, also on the Android device. But I...
  4. Simply overwrite the actionMethods property of the proxy.
  5. Hello everyone,

    in my application I got a dataview and create an overlay when tapping on the item to show more details. My problem is that some items have a textual description other have an audio...
  6. Thanks. I ended up doing exactly that. In added the id: 'viewport' to my config and called the following in the launch method of my application:
  7. I got the same problem, but found the solution in the documenation here:

    tmpRelated = [ {"id": 3, "parentId": 3, "imgWidth": 320, "imgHeight": 277, "isFavorite": false},
    {"id": 13,...
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    I got an solution, which works for me. There are two main differences, both in the image model. First I added a memory proxy (I guess the data needs to be loaded in order to get nested loaded,...
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    Hi there,

    I can't figure that one out and the console doesn't return any feedback, maybe you got an idea:

    Ext.define('Photoalbum.model.Image', { extend: '',
  10. Hello everyone,

    I've got the following view:

    Ext.define('Photoalbum.view.Viewport', {
    extend : 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype : 'photoalbum-viewport',
  11. Hello again,

    I found out a couple of things myself, but got one last question (see below):

    Hmm, in Sencha Touch 2, this works better. I guess though, it might be, because of the 'fit' layout, I...
  12. Thanks. This is very good to know. :)

    Just anywhere? E.g. in launch?

    Two questions remain:
    1) Why is the size of the panel, which contains the image still fullscreen and not the height and...
  13. Hello everyone,

    I've got another Newbie question. I tried a similar approach as shown here to create an image that is draggable. It does work if I manually change the size of the image panel to...
  14. Thanks for the fast replies, but unfortunately I can't make it work and can't figure out why. It only places a div tag at position 100 100 instead of the image. My goal is to place multiple pics...
  15. Hello everyone,

    I'm new to Sencha Touch, and would like to redesign my existing Android App to work with Sencha Touch and Phongeap. I'd like to place a picture with absolute x-y coordinates oin...
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