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  1. :-?Where is the configuration option REF?
    In Ext3 we can use the configuration option "ref" to easily get a reference component withouthaving to use Id's, but can not find this option in ext4. There...
  2. Hello,

    The field name in the store is not accepting names containing a dot character. Like ''.

    Is this a bug?

  3. Can not set the "" property of with compound names separated by "dot".
    When I tried to set a value with "dot" the ExtDesigner is ignoring this character.
  4. Thanks jarrednicholls!!!
    I really don't know what say about this.
    I couldn't see this. And you explain this on your first reply.
    I'm embarassed.


    Thanks again.
  5. Hi jarrednicholls,
    I have tried this and it doesn't work.
    I'm using Ext Designer
    Have you tried this?

  6. Hello jarred nicholls, I appreciate your fast reply but unfortunately this will not help me.
    It's simple, In that particular case I need that deferredRender explicitely be set to false otherwise it...
  7. Hello, I have noticed that it is not possible to set some properties represented by checkboxs with false values. If you do not check them, they are not generated in code view.


  8. Hello folks, anyone have a clue on this topic?
  9. Replies
    Thanks a lot :-)
  10. Replies
    Hello guys!

    I recently migrated to ext3 and I can not paginate successfully.
    The first page is loaded correctly and the component PagingToolbar shows all the information normally. So far...
  11. In my application, serialized objects are treated as graphs instead of simple trees (typical XML usage) based on the W3C XPath specification.

    So xml data for repeated objects uses the "reference"...
  12. Hi!
    I'm having problems when trying to open multiple instances of a form.
    The first instance opens without problems. But the others doesn't. The others instances are having layout problems, and...
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