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  1. hi

    I found a bug when calling myImage.setCls();

    If I call myImage.setCls(), it also changes background size

    so, I must set style - background-size property - before calling the method.

  2. Simply, Ext.Msg.alert() works fine before production build. That is, just executing app.html generated by Sencha architecture works good.

    But after production build, It doesn't work.

    And red...
  3. I am using Sencha Touch 2.1.0 Framework on Windows7.

    And I build my app into production mode.

    But there is a problem that Ext.Msg.alert() throws an error.

    After the production build, calling...
  4. a reply said

    "I found a work-around for the particular issue I was facing. Basically, in the store I was setting the userClassName and storeId properties, but to different values, and this is what...
  5. Hello,

    My application is here.

    It does not have any error in Ext Designer, even when loading data, but the following message is occurred if it is uploaded...
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