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    G'Day, Animator Product Manager(s),

    In addition to exporting Animator files for Apple iBooks (presumably, EPUB format), please enhance Animator with the ability to export for Amazon Kindle's MOBI...
  2. ST Mavens,

    Without resorting to the likes of PhoneGap or Google's QR Code generator--is there an easy way to:

    Generate a QR Code; and/or
    Read a QR Code
    from within Sencha Touch?

    Or, is...
  3. Tools Mavens,

    1. On a Mac w/OS X Lion, what directory is the best place to install SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-Beta-osx? At the moment, I have Tools installed in Apache's root (in my case...
  4. Anyone have a substantive forecast* regarding when Touch Charts will support (be compatible with) Sencha Touch 2.x?

    Many thanks!

    Plane Wryter

    *Not seeking a specific release date (after all,...
  5. To what degree do the Compass/SASS mavens recommend migrating an iMac running Lion from Ruby 1.8.7 to 1.9.3? Are there any advantages? Disadvantages? Better off leaving Ruby alone?

  6. Version: Sencha Touch [PR3]

    Browser: Mac Safari & Chrome


    Description: Properly formatted Ext.Msg.alert and Ext.Msg.confirm instructions fail with the Console message...
  7. Possible bug.

    After hours of running various tests, it looks like ST2 PR2 might have a bug in the way is using Ext.ComponentQuery to provision a control...or--the other...
  8. Does anyone have--and are willing to share--a set of Balsamiq stencils reflecting Ext JS 4.x and/or Designer 2.x?

    Many thanks!
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    Has anyone implemented OpenID (with Facebook integration) in an ST1.x or ST2.x application?

    If so, would you be so kind as to suggest the best approach?

    Many thanks...

    Plane Wryter
  10. Found and fixed the problem.

    For those who may encounter the same issue: here's what I did.

    Turns out the DIV styling had a CSS error. p.divclassname was incorrectly selected as the target for...
  11. ST Mavens,

    Is it possible to embed an HTML Unordered List (OL), and associated list items (LI), within a CSS-styled DIV (e.g., using CSS to create a shaded text box) on a Sencha Touch Carousel...
  12. James (et al),

    Please accept this post as a request for a session at SenchaCon 2011 regarding designing, developing, deploying and operating a secure Sencha Touch application(s)...ideally with a...
  13. Fellow STers,

    Based on your experience, what is the best published guide regarding designing and developing secure Sencha Touch applications?

    Or, does anyone have "Good, or Best" Practices...
  14. Fellow STers,

    Is there a way (in Sencha Touch, or with any available JavaScript framework) to access a device's video camera (e.g., iPhone, iPad), open & capture a video stream, record the video...
  15. Fellow STers,

    What do you think about HTML5?

    Is HTML5 hard-to-use and not ready for prime time?

    Just saw this article (HTML5 isn't solving mobile dev issues yet) on Macworld: ...
  16. Sencha Mavens,

    Is there a way in Sencha Touch to detect when/if a user has switched away from an active web page?

    For example, is there anything similar to OnBlur which could be used to detect...
  17. Thanks, bdvr, for the comments.

    Can you suggest a authoritative source for a "How to Write Your First SSL/TLS App" resource?

    Many thanks!

    Plane Wrtyer
  18. Hello STers,

    What is the best approach for designing security into a Sencha Touch web application?

    Anyone have a White Paper/Architecture Diagram-Discussion/Suggested Approach to share (or,...
  19. ST Mavens,

    Do you use Device Atlas ( with Sencha Touch?

    If so, do you find Device Atlas: helpful; necessary; or totally unnecessary?

    Your experience? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  20. ST Mavens,

    Do you use Device Atlas ( with Sencha Touch?

    If so, do you find Device Atlas: helpful; necessary; or totally unnecessary?

    Your experience? Thoughts? Suggestions?...
  21. STers,

    In addition to Sencha and SenchaCon--what do you recommend as the best combined business & technology source(s) for authoritative information, trends and advice regarding mobile web app...
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    Is anyone using Zend Studio 8 in support of their Ext JS/Sencha Touch development?

    Recommendations? Experience? Suggestions?


    Plane Wryter
  23. Yea, jep!

    You rock...and you roll!

    Your clever suggestion worked...and, once you suggested it...makes perfect sense. Since the panels are contained within the Carousel; setting the Carousel's...
  24. Thanks; jep.

    When the margin: is removed from the CSS, the panel items/divs do center...however, they run the full width of the available viewport. (And, only the div occupies the appropriate...
  25. Mavens,

    What is the best approach to vertically and horizontally center/middle an HTML5 VIDEO tag on a specific carousel's panel?

    Once centered, what approach will work to size the video to...
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