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  1. Hi Alls,
    I look for a possibility to hide the reserved scroolbar place on the right of my portail.
    I can force setAdjustForScrool(false) but if I add a new portlet or drag-drop one portlet into...
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    I started the last week my own js native integration but I will see your link
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    Hi Alls,
    I want to integrate an applet to GXT. My applet is hdie and I want to use the GXT graphical interface to send command to my applet.
    It is works well in pure javascript.

    I tried to add...
  4. Hi alls,
    Is there a possibility to check if user use a double screen desktop ?
    I use actually

    setPagePosition( - getWidth()/2, 193);

    may be...
  5. I find a very simple solution don't use 0 width portal's column :-)
    It is not very smart solution but ... so may be some one have one other
  6. Hi Alls,
    I have a portal with 4 columns with start ratio 0.7,0.3,0,0
    After resizing portal's columns with ratio 0.3,0.7,0,0 and if I drag-and-drop a portlet from first column to second my portlet...
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    Hi alls,
    I try to integrate an applet to my GXT portal but sometimes when I hide or show applet's portlet applet state is not restore.
    Any idea ?
    I use LayoutContainer with Html to...
  8. Hi
    Is there a "standard" GXT possibility to save portal layout with an example ?
    I try to use StateManager but... not result I-|
  9. so I can find jsut 2.2.5 and 1.2.5 to download :-)
  10. ok, Thnks for response :-)
    Can you indicate me GXT stable version ?
  11. Hi Alls,
    I have some troubles with BorderLayout when I do collapse SOUTH panel after zone creation.
    South region is not visible.
    It worked well with GXT 2.0 but after update to 2.2.5 ... I got...
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