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  1. Thanks Chris, that is some great code here! Now I can finally use controllers the way they are meant to be used (ie: independants from views) =D>
  2. So this thread got me digging more into the controller issue and trying to use them, and I have to say the whole change from beta 2 to beta 3 was really bad and completely kills the point of having...
  3. Also could anyone explains why ExtJS has no Ext.dispatch as in Sencha Touch? This actually creates two different MVC model for two frameworks that are supposed to be twins. That means going from one...
  4. The problem is I just don't really know what to do with them. Views are typically already "data aware" and tie up with their store automatically. Forms validate themselves. Most of the underlying...
  5. I spent 2 years working with Ext 3 and it was really hard. Now I'm looking at Ext 4 and it feels like I have to relearn everything again.

    There seems to be a million way to do the same thing,...
  6. I have to say the MVC is extremely confusing, especially the controller. Stores, views: they make sense, been using them in Ext 3. But controllers?

    In most of my existing code the only...
  7. Seems the TriggerField doesn't give the x-form-text class to its input element, resulting in wrong look.

    Edit: seems this works OK when leaving the default inputType, but breaks when using...
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    Apparently this is deprecated in Ext 4, so I wonder if it has any future in Touch or if this will also get deprecated at some point? I wish both Touch and Ext would settle on a single way to do...
  9. Still having the same issue with beta 2.
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    The issue is still there in version 1.1.
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    When the user quits your application (ie: close the browser, window or tab) you can hook up to the event. If you want to make an AJAX call in that event, like saving user UI preferences or a logoff...
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    Sencha Touch version tested:

    only default ext-all.css

    Platform tested against:

    Android 2.2
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    I've had that issue as well. My solution was to insert a high z-index into the style of the overlay.

    I might be mistaken but it seems a panel with "modal" set to true doesn't actually get any...
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    Encore un :)
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    I would definitely pay for theme, provided it really looks polished and the price isn't outrageous (shoestring budget here).
  16. That problem can be easily checked: every time a tooltip is shown and disappear, the mousedown event isn't removed and Ext.EventManager.stoppedMouseDownEvent.listeners is growing by 1 element.
  17. I guess this would explain the issue I'm having here :
  18. OK I manage to norrow down things a bit :
    - adding a mousedown event listener adds an entry in Ext.EventManager.stoppedMouseDownEvent.listeners
    - removing the event doesn't remove anything from...
  19. I'm having an issue with a destroyed tooltip whose mousedown listener still seems to linger around. When another listener for mousedown is fired and calls stopEvent() this create an error (the old...
  20. From what I have seen the problem shows up when buffered events are involved, and either the listener was not removed properly or set at specific places. For ex. I got one of those fixed by switching...
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    Compatibility with 3.0 looks pretty good, and its nice to see some long standing bugs finally gone. :)

    Seems however I have some issues with buffered events as I get the "fn.task is undefined"...
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    I'm guessing the IE6 compatibility stuff goes pretty deep. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the DOM nodes created are just there to keep the layout from braking appart with IE6. Removing that...
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    I'd guess quite a bit of speed would be gained in all browsers if IE 6 support was dropped. How much stuff is there just to make things not fall appart in IE 6 ?
  24. Anyone got an update on this bug? Any chance to see it fixed in 3.1?
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    Since all of us who haven't paid for a support subscription won't get access to bug-fix releases, it is better that 3.1 gets delayed a bit to polish it up rather than we get something rushed.
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